Family Newsletters, the Family Bruce, and More  
Family Newsletters, 
the Family Bruce, 
and More

Welcome to my web site. I'm building pages that I hope will be a help in a lot of different ways to people who are involved in genealogy and family history. 

One of my most absorbing projects is FAMILY NEWSLETTER NEWS, which is an online newsletter for and about family newsletter publishers and their newsletter projects. I have found a family newsletter to be a fantastic genealogical tool. An idea exchange for family newsletter publishers is one fuel that keeps our creativity flowing as we publish. I hope reading about family newsletter publishers inspires you to dig in and try it out, if you haven't already. I am adding new material often, so bookmark it and 
check it out regularly.

Another big project I hope to complete in the near future is to make available a fascinating chronology of the BRUCE family of Scotland. It is from HISTORIES OF NOBLE BRITISH FAMILIES by Henry Drummond, London, 1846, and is entitled simply "BRUCE." It has some fantastic illustrations of Bruce family members of old, including Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland, and it traces the Bruce family from the year 721 A. D. to the 1840s.

And then there are the manifests of ships that carried my ancestors to the North American continent that I want to transcribe, and the old Swedish clip art I've scanned and...well you can see why this site will always be under construction. Enjoy!

Warm regards, 
Jeanne Nelson 

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Henry Drummond's
Bruce Family Chronology
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