A Transcription of

Family History Library Microfilm # 0996682

For All Occurrences of the Name:  Brütsch.


Locality of Record:

Communities of Burg, Kaltenbach, Eschenz, Rheinklingen

Canton Thurgau, Switzerland


Microfilmed at Frauenfeld, Swtz  (Switzerland)

on 24 June 1974, Roll # 213


Transcriber:  Walter E. Bruetsch

E-Mail:  waltbruetsch@usa.net

6873 SE Warwick Lane, Stuart, FL 34997




This transcription should be considered a secondary source of genealogical information.  Since this book is a transcription of old German script, every effort has been made to accurately present the names and words as spelled by the original writer.  But mistakes have occurred because of the difficulty to read the writing and the similarity of some alphabet letters to each other.  At times a person has to look at the entire word before understanding each individual letter.  The spelling of a  village’s name is as written in the original volumes, which is, at times, different from the current spelling.

Words in straight parentheses [ ] have been added by the transcriber, in an attempt to define the word (in the case of an abbreviation) and / or to give its English meaning.  Or to give an alternative spelling.  To aid in the correctness of the names, cross referencing was accomplished between marriages and baptisms.  Thus these cross references are also given in parentheses.  A question mark “?” means uncertainty.  The source for definitions is the “German – English Genealogical Dictionary” by Ernest Thode, fifth printing in 2003, ISBN 0-8063-1342-0.  Mr. Thode’s “Introduction” is a must read for people doing Germanic genealogy.




Table of Contents:

1.  Familienbuch 1840 in Gemeinde:  Kaltenbach, Rheinklingen, Eschenz

2.  Familienbuch 1860 in Gemeinde:  Eschenz, Kaltenbach, Rheinklingen, Vor Der Brücke



Familienbuch 1840 FF


[On the front cover of the ledger]                 Familien Register

[This is the heading on the first page of the index:]


Alphabetisches Register über Die Hausväter u.[und] ihre Ehefrauen in Der Gemeinde Kaltenbach.


[Info in square brackets is from transcriber, WEB, and ? marks are use to denote uncertainty in spelling.]

[The use of the + represents a cross.  It denotes that the person has died at the time of the record keeping.] 


[Then comes indexes for A, B, E, G, H, J, K, M, O, P, S, V and W.]


[Under the Index:  “B”]


Joh. Jacob Brütsch im Steinbach, Cather. Mezger                     pg 56

Abraham Brütsch, Schreiner, Julie Hauser or Hauher +  pg 79   [Schreiner = joiner; woodworker]

Conrad Brütsch, vi? Buchhof,  +, Anna Elis. Vögeli                   pg 115

Jacob Brütsch, ?Mu Müller, Pauline Tölsterli                 pg 200 [Tölsterli # 151}


[Then comes page 44.  And then comes another index with the following title at the top of the page:]


Alphabetisches Register über Die Hausväter u. ihre Ehefrauen in Rheinklingen.


[Then comes index for B, F, V and W.  No Brütsch’s found in these records.]


[Then comes a fancy title page]


Familien Register uber die Ortsgemeinde Kaltenbach.

Kaltenbach, Bleuelhausen [now Wagenhausen] mit den Höfen, und Etzweilen [now Etzwilen].


[The starts page 1.  Page 44 in this order is different from the earlier page 44.]


[The information is given on what we know as Family Group Sheets, with headings of:]

Ehe [marriage #], geboren [birth & baptism dates], Namen, Copulirt [cop. = marriage date],

Gestorben [died], Bemerkungen [remarks]  [The remarks section includes Eltern and reference to this or other Familienbuch]  [First comes a “box” for Tltern and then a “box” for Sämmtliche Kinder.]


Page 56:          Joh. Jacob Brütsch, b. 1823.14.Sept, m. 1851.3.April, Joh. im Steinbach, A. G. 2. B. 3 Catharina Mezger, b. 1825.1.Nov, Hr. Jac. ?___________? in Helferberg?,  A. G. 2.p. 224

Children:           1.  Catharina, b. 1851.15.Aug., bp. 24.Aug, confirm. 1868, cop. 1876.26.Sept, ________

2.  Joh. Jacob, b. 1854.10.Febr, bp. 22.Feb, conf. 1870, cop. 1879. v.fi.200 [Referring to page 200 in this Familienbuch.]  [vgl. = abbr. for vergleiche! mng. “compare!; see!”]

                        3.  Maria Magdalina, b. 1858.29.Jan., bp. 8. Feb., conf. 1874., cop. 1879.27.Nov.

verheirathet [= married] Isler Wagenhausen.

                        4.  Johannes, b. 1862.4.27.Febr., conf. 1878 [no further data]


[At the very top of page 79 is:]  “zu Romanshorn [on the Bodensee, north of St. Gallen] Lanzdorf? ?ehs? Frauenfeld”

Page 79:          Abraham Brütsch, Schreiner, b. 1824.19.Sept., m. 1856.26.Feb in ?Salensach?, d. 1895.19.Janner.  Abrah.’s A. G. ___. 2

                        Julie Hauser?, geschieden [= divorced] ?Haffter?, 2nd Ehe, b. 1827.2.Juli, bp. 3 Juli, ,

d. 1891.6.Oct.  [remarks] Abgeschieden ehefrau der Sebastian Haffter v. ?Weinfelda.  Eltern: u. ?Kammener? Jac. Hauser, sel. v. Weiles Esnsch L. M. Sus. Vogt, sel. 

Des Kind aus 1st ehe heisst Karl n. 7. b. 30. Juli 1848.

Children:           1.  Emma, b. 1856.4.April, bp. 1. Mai, cop. 1879.13.März

                        2.  Julie, b. 1857.6.Mai, bp. 7.Juni, cop. 1884.

                        3.  Wilhelmina, b. 1858.29.Mai., bp. 28 Juni., d. 1859.1.Juli

                        4.  ?Werner?, b. 1861.?4.Jan., bp. 3.Feb., cop. 1892.8.März in Frauenfeld.  s.A.G.R. p.73

                        5.  Eugen?, b. 1862.30.Apr., bp. 29 Mai, d. 1863.7.März

                        6.  Heinrich, b. 1863.13.Juli, bp. 2 Aug., d. 1864.___.Febr.

                        7.  Marie Susanna, b. 1865.10.22.Mai, d. 1865.16.Juli

                        8.  Söhnlein _________?, b. 1869.12.Aug. in Frauenfeld, d. 1869.12.Aug.


Page 115:        J. Conrad Brütsch, b. 1827.20.Febr., cop. 1863.20.Aug., d. 1895.7.April, Abrah. [und]

Elis. Engeler.

                        Anna Elisabeth Vögeli, b. 1823.18.Dec., conf. 1846, Joh., sel, & A. Barb. Christinger

er_ ?Saetnoseudre? – Liggersmud?

Children:           none.


Page 200:        Jacob Brütsch, Müller, b. 1854.10.Juli., bp. 22.Juli,cop. 1879.12.Juni, civil.  D Joh. Jac. Brütsch in Steinbach & Kathi Mezger p. 56.  [Referring back to page # 56 in this Familienbuch.]

                        Pauline Tölsterli, b. 1856.21.Febr., bp. 9. März.  Jacob T. & Marie Huber in Huber

v. p. 71.  [v. could also mean (Lat) vide, mng. “see”.  Seite = page]

Children:           [Six (6) children, all born after the 1875 law.]


[Review of the indexs for female Brütsch’s]


[Kaltenbach’s Index:]

Georg Knecht [und] Salomea Brütsch +, u. Frau Elis. Schlegel              pg. 168.

Peter Müller + [und] A. Cathar. Brütsch +                                                        pg.  20.


[Rheinklingen’s Index:]

Adam Widler [und] Anna Brütsch +, II. Frau. Elis. Stoher v. Thringen?  pg.  15.


Page 15            See below under Rheinklingen.


Page 20           Peter Müller im Speckhof, geb. 1827.29.Juli, cop. 1843.11.Mai., gest. 1887.13.Mai

                        Anna Catharian Brütsch, geb. 1821.27.Nov., gest. 1849.11.Mai., Joh. im Steinbach.

Children:           1.  Maria Magdalena, geb. 1844.16.Feb., bp. 28.Feb., conf. 1860., cop. 1875?.11.Apr.

                        2.  Friedrich, geb. 1845.13.März, bp. 25., conf. 1861., cop. 1871. vide pag.157  25.IV.1909

                        3.  Joh. Jacob, geb. 1846.27.Sept., gest. 1846.24.Dec.

                        4.  Joh. Conrad, geb. 1848.4.Feb., bp. 24., conf. 1864.  [remarks] Zu Amerika gestorben.

                        5.  Joh. Jacob, geb. 1849.3.Mai, bp. 22., conf. 1866., cop. [1875 law.]



Page 168         Georg Knecht v. Bleuelhausen, b. 1846.17.?Hnibt.? Tund [b. Mai, bp. 1. Juni, conf. 1863 per ref. pg. 31], m. 30.Mai.1872

Salomea Brütsch, v. Hemishofen, b. 1848.18.Aug., d. 1886.16.Feb. 

Eltern:  Leonhard Brütsch ?Wteth? [und] Margar. geb. Geyer v. Hemishofen

Children:           Ten (10) from 1872.23.Nov. to 1886.6.Jan., bp. 19.Feb. [1875 law.]


[After # 205 starts]  Familien Register über evangel Eschenz  [Index follows the entries.]


Page 81:          Jakob Brotbeck, b. 28.Sept.1818, cop. 1870.17.Nov., Des Abraham Brotbeck &

Die Anna Metzger.

                        Katharina Gilp, geb. Brütsch, b. 16.Febr.1830, d. 1893.12.Dec., geb. Brütsch in Ramsen.

Children:           1. Anna, b. 2, bp. 18. Mai.1872., conf. in Stein, d. 1897

                        2.  Bertha, b. 1875.7.Sept., bp. 18.Sept., conf. in Stein.

[# 125 is the last family page.] [Then comes the index for the previous family group sheets, with the following title at the top of the page:]


Alphabetisches Register über Die Hausväter u. ihre Ehefrauen in Eschenz.


[Next is the index for Eschenz: B, D, F, G, H, M, R, S, U, Z.] [Then comes the title page:]


Familien Register uber Rheinklingen.


[No Brütsch’s found in the index, which follows the entries.]


Page 15:          Adam Widler, b. 1831.17.Juli, bp. 31. Juli, cop. 1855.24.Nov.

                        Anna Brütsch, b. 1826.14.Mai, bp. 15. Mai, d. 1861.21.Mai.  Hr Adam Br., sel., &

Verena Brütsch von Buch.

[After Anna’s death, Adam married on 1863.? 3.Dec, Elisabeth ?Stoher?[Stoler?],

b. 1833.25.Feb., bp. 3. März., conf. 1850.

Children:           1. Joh. Conrad, b. 1856.5.Oct., bp. 12. Oct., conf. 1873., cop. 1890.13.Mai.

                        2.  Elisabeth, b. 1859.21.Janner, bp. 30.Janner, conf. 1876, cop. 1882.

                        [After Anna’s death, Adam & Elisabeth had]

                        3.  Margareth, b. 1865.22.Mai., bp. 5. Juni., conf. 1882, cop.  [after 1875 law.]

                        4.  Johannes, b. 1868.10.März, bp. 22.März., d. 1868.4.Apr.


[# 44 is the last family page.  This 44 is the same as the very first 44.] [Then comes the heading for the index:]

Alphabetisches Register über Die Hausväter u. ihre Ehefrauen in Rheinklingen.


[Then comes the index for Rheinklingen: B, F, V, W [has # 15 above.]]


[Then comes the frame showing the last filming of the 1840 Familienbuch.]




Roll # 213 continues:                            Familienbuch 1860 FF                                    [with no index]


[Cover]  No. 1, Familien Register, über die Ansahsen in den Gemeinde

er Eschenz, Kaltenbach, Rheinklingen und Stein. Vor der Brücke.  1860.  [Brücke = bridge.]


[Then starts family pages # 1 for Eschenz thru 70.  No Brütsch’s found.]


[Then starts page 1 for Kaltenbach.]


Page 20.          Jacob Brütsch, von Ramsen, geb. 1837.3.8.Oct., cop. 1869.21.Sept.

                        Anna Schilling, von Löhningen, geb. 1844.11.15.Dec.

Children:           1.  Joh. Jacob, b. 1870.21.Nov., bp. 21. Dec.

                        2.  Johannes, b. 1872.10.Apr., bp. 5. Mai.

                        3.  ein ?Dengebornst?  Söhnlein, b. 1874.17.März, d. 1874.22.März.


[Kaltenbach families go thru page 47.]


[Then starts Rheinklingen page 1.


Page 6             Jacob Schilling, von Löhningen [7 km west of Schaffhausen], geb. 1840.22.Aug.,

                        cop. 1867.9.Mai

                        Verena Brütsch, von Ramsen, geb. 1832.31.Aug., gest. 1889.17.Juni

Children:           1.  Joh. Jacob, b. 1869.3.Jan., cf. 1885, … [1875 law]

                        2.  Joh. Reinhardt, b. 1870.12.Jan., cf. 1886, …

                        3.  Maria Magdalena, b. 1875.10.Jan., cf. 1891


[Rheinklingen goes thru page 14.] 


[Then starts page # 1 for V. D. Brücke and goes thru page 45.  No Brütsch’s found.]


End of the entire microfilm roll # 0996682.


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