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This is definitely a 'work of love' for me. Mymother, Elva May (Barnwell) Bryan had always kept family records and she took great pride in doingso very meticulously by her own hand and on an oldclunker of a typewriter. It has been my pleasureto continue the work she had begun on the familygenealogy. I obtained WebTV in August, 2004 andsome time elapsed before I discovered there weremessage boards, mailing lists, and the wonderfulpeople who volunteer their precious time to assistus in our quest for our ancestors and informationrelating to their families. I hope others enjoyand derive as much satisfaction from this journey'back in time' as I experienced in the making of it.If you are more closely related to any one of theindividuals mentioned and you think a date or aplace may be incorrect and you have documentedproof, please e-mail me at: VaWilson8303@webtv.net (Or, if you just want tochat about any of the above, I would love to hearfrom you. My very best to you in your searching.My heartfelt thanks to the many friends I have metalong the way in my 'armchair travels'. God blessyou and keep you in his loving care.Virginia

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