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  This site is in a constant state of construction as I am continuously researching and finding new information about my families. I have been researching these families since 1998. I have received help from many, more experienced, researchers and appreciate all of the information that they have provided me. Click on any of the names above to find out how each name fits into my family's history.

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I am interested in any details about these families.  If you have corrections to this site, please feel free to contact me.  I am always looking for new information and am willing to share my genealogical material with others.  



Diana Bryan Quinn

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The Reddick Bryan Family, Bienville and Beyond, A Timeline
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Please use the information on these pages as a guide only.  This information came from many different sources and, although I try to obtain sources for all of my data, there may still be some inaccurate information or errors.


My Unknown Family Members
I have pictures that belonged to my grandparents, Redic BRYAN (1870-1929) and Myrtie HAIRSTON (1880-1927). Most were probably taken in Texas. Family names include ALBRITTON, BIGGS, BRYAN, CHISUM, CRISWELL, EVANS, GILBERT, GRESHAM, HAIRSTON, HAMMETT, KEITH, LATTA, NOAH, PYLE, SELMAN, THOMPSON, and WYLIE.  These pictures can be viewed by clicking the album below. Please contact me if you are able to help with the identification of any of these pictures.




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