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Ancestors of Bruce Ernest Spackman


5216. John Armston

1. History and Antiquities of Leicestershire
In the church yard:
"Here lieth the body of John Armston, who departed this life Nov. 4, 1633.
2. G.S. film # 590868 B.T. parish of Cosby Church of England 1565-1860
John Armston the elder was buried November nineth 1633
3. G.S. film # 823782 item # 4 Monumental inscriptions of Cosby cemetery
4. Will probated 18 January 1633/34

5217. Mrs. Annis

1. History and Antiquities of Leicestershire page 142
Here also lieth the body of Annis, wife of John Armston, who departed
this life March 20, 1624.
2. G.S. film # 823781 item # 4 monumental inscriptions of Cosby Cenetery

5240. William Savile

1. The Visitations of the County of Leicester Film # 086958 p. 93
2. Leicestershire Medieval Village Notes G.S. Film # 800662
Fine. Hilary, 27 Elisabeth. 1585.
Nichlas Sayvell, gent., and
William Sayvell, gent., his son and heir apparent,
3. Fine. Michaelmas, 35 Elisabeth. 1593.
William Savile and Susan, his wife,
4. Chancery Proceedings. Series ii. 381-8. Plaintiffs, Thomas Savile,
of Blaby, co. Leic., gent., and Humphrey Savile, younger brother of
the said Thomas. Whereas about 12 years ago a communication was had
concerning a marriage to be had between your said orator Thomas Savile
and Fraunces Allen, one of the daughters of Thomas Allen, that Thomas
should give to William Savile, the father of Thomas, the sum of #300 with
and that William Savile should assure all his lands in Blaby and
Countesthorpe of a clear yearly value of 100 marks to your orator Thomas
Thomas Savile and his lawful male issue, recerving to William Savile
and Susanna, then his wife, and mother of your said orator, for the lives
of William and Susanna and the longer liver of them # 50 by the year.
William Savile persuaded the said Thomas Savile to enter into bonds to pay
his younger children's portions, namely, to Anthony Savile, George Savile
and Elisabeth Savile # 20 each as they severally should come of age.
William Savele shortlly afterwards died instestate. Susanna survived him.
A certain Humphrey Kendall became suitor to Susanna by way of marriage,
protesting himself to be worth #300 besides a #10 annuity out of lands in
co. Ruthland. Susanna took to husband the said Humphrey Kendall who has
wasted all the goods of Susanna and leads her a poor, miserable life, etc.
5. N.B. William Savile died in 1614. Susanna, his relict, married in
March 1617, Humphrey Kendall. According to Mr. W. H. Bailey, the intended
Marriage between Thomas Savile and Fraunces Allen did not take place
(see Assoc. Reports and Papers, vol. xxxii, part 1, p. 237).

5241. Susanna Leeson

1. The Visitations of the County of Leicester film # 086958 p. 93
Susanna filia Tho, Leeson de Soulgraue in Com' Northamp.
2. G.S. film # 962367 item #1 The History and Antiquities of the
County of Northamptonshire p. 517.
from visitations and title deeds.
3. G.S. film # 94956 The Visitations of Northamptonshire, 1564 p. 34
and 187.
Susan shows up on the visitation of 1564 therefore she must have been
born before 1564.
4. G.S. book British Area Q 942.55 D2g Northampton Pedigrees.
5. In father's will of 1614

5242. Edward Heron

1. G.S. film # 86958 The Visitations of The County of Leicester p. 93.

5768. John Silverthorne

Will of John Silverthorne (Bp 20 Feb 1566\67) dated 21 Jul 1634,
Proved 17 Jul 1637 (AC Sarum); Will of Joane Lane Silverthoren (widow)
dated 25 Jun 1656, Proved 10 Jan 1656\67 (P.C.C. 1657-Folio 10)
Steeeple Ashton Parish Registers
History of Silverthorne Family (Frank Reed).

5770. Robert Stevens

Parish Register of Bishops Cannings; will of John Silverthorne,
Pr 1637 F Wilts. 2 14395 pt 78; Est. Steeple Ashton Parish Register
History of Silverthorne family (Frank Reed).

6144. Edward Stephens

(age 64) Will proved 17 Nov. 1587

6368. John Bowlby


11. John BOWLBY (81)(6) (7)(8) was born between 1556 and 1558 in Griff, Helmsley in Ryedale District, North Riding of Yorkshire County, England.(29) (82) He
died after 1598.(83)

He was married to Jane FORREY on 13 Oct 1583 in Helmsley in Ryedale District, North Riding of Yorkshire County, England.(84) (85) Jane FORREY (86)(6) (7)(8)
was born in 1563 in Farnedale, England.(87) John BOWLBY and Jane FORREY had the following children:

+27 i. Richard BOWLBY.
28 ii. John BOWLBY(88) (6)(7) (8) was born in 1592.(89) He was baptised on 15 May 1592 in Helmsley in Ryedale District, North Riding of Yorkshire
County, England.(90)
He was living in 1607
29 iii. Helen BOWLBY(6) (7)(8) was born in 1594. (91) She was baptised on 2 Jun 1594 in Helmsley in Ryedale District, North Riding of Yorkshire
County, England. (92)