Stouts in America
The STOUT family in America is primarily descended from an English line and
multiple German lines. The English line is from Richard Stout who came to
New Netherlands (New York) from England in circa 1640. The German lines
are more numerous. Harold Stout identified twenty different German Stout
immigrants that arrived in the port of Philidelphia, PA between 1733 and 1773.
Some of these immigrants were members of the same family that came on
different ships at different times. No claim is made that these were all the Stout
German immigrants during this period.

Other Stouts immigrated to America, both the United States and Canada, after
Richard Stout and if anyone has information on any other Stout immigrants
from anywhere, please send me an e-mail with details and I will post a link to
the web site that documents this immigrant.

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