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Loreto Aprutino, a village of  7700 people, is located in the Pescara region of Abruzzo. The Adriatic Sea is 15 miles to the east. Il Gran Sasso d'Italia, the tallest mountain in Central Italy, is 25 miles  to the west.

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Domenico Buccella with wife Maria Nicola Mariotti and son Guerino shortly before departing Naples for Genoa and the United States. They arrived in New York Harbor on March 2, 1924 aboard the S.S. Colombo.

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Mariantonia Core of Penne married Ilario Buccella on February 20, 1876. She had ten children. Domenico was the fifth oldest following Raffaele, Giuseppe and twin sisters Maria and Lucia. Marianinna, born three years after Domenico, was followed by Rosa who died in infancy. Franco was the youngest surviving brother. Twin brothers Tommaso and Pantaleone Buccella were born in 1893 but died before they reached one year of age.

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Giuseppe (left) and Franco Buccella. This photo was taken in Philadelphia circa 1913. Giuseppe arrived in March of 1912 followed by his younger brother in 1913. The four Buccella brothers were all close but, like Raffaele and Domenico, Giuseppe and Franco had a special bond that seems to have continued through to their modern-day descendants.

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Raffaele Buccella (R) with his family in January 1950. Back: Orazio, his wife Annazopita, Maria, Adina (wife of Corinto), Corinto, Serafina (wife of Raffaele). Front: Elisa, Maria Rogers, Silvana, Gabriele, and unknown dog.

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Il Castello Chiola in Loreto Aprutino. Childhood memories of this castle of remote origin (circa 864 A.D. and later rebuilt), would become Guerino Butchello's inspiration for The Castle Restaurant in Olean, New York.

strada.jpg (90973 bytes)

While the castle anchors one end of the high street in Loreto Aprutino, the church of San Pietro anchors the other. The wealthiest families lived on this street throughout the middle ages. The church has remained in use throughout the years and is kept in immaculate condition. In fact, the interior has remained exactly the same since 1701. San Pietro is also the final destination of the annual procession of San Zopito.

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Franco Buccella, youngest brother of Domenico Buccella with his family in June 1925. Pictured with wife Concetta DiZio is daughter Levina and son Ilario. Levina, born in 1921, was named after her first cousin Levina Buccella who died at the age of 13 months in 1914. The original Levina was Domenico's daughter and Guerino Buccella's older sister. Franco and Concetta would have five more children including  Ettore, Emilia, Gina, Assunta and Maria.

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Giuseppe Buccella with wife Paolina Ranalli (L) and daughter Giuditta (R). Also pictured are Maria Rogers, Maria Buccella and Orazio Buccella. Taken during Gus Rogers' trip to Loreto in January 1950.

giuditta.jpg (26975 bytes)

(L-R) Giuditta Buccella, her brother Zopito Buccella and husband Zopito Schiavone on June 2, 2000. When shown the picture of her in 1950, Giuditta said "Well, that's me alright but I don't remember taking it!"

stairs.jpg (11610 bytes)

January 30, 1950. Elisa Buccella and sister Maria Buccella on the steps of the Buccella homestead with Maria, wife of Gus Rogers and the infamous unknown dog. Their father was Orazio Buccella, first son of Raffaele. The families of Raffaele, Domenico and Franco  lived in this house from 1910 until approximately 1957.  Domenico departed with his family for America in 1924 and Franco's family moved out in 1932. Guerino Buccella and most of his cousins were born here.

stairs2.jpg (75360 bytes)

May 30, 2000. The same steps 50 years later. Caterina Donatelli, daughter of Elisa Buccella with Kristin and Melissa Gauhs. Caterina's grandfather Orazio and his wife Annazopita had three children all born in this house including Maria, Gabriele and Elisa. The house is no longer owned by the family and has fallen into disrepair. La nonna di Melissa e Kristina ed il nonno di Caterina erano cugini di primo grado.

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