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Contrada Collecera. The house where the Buccella  family lived from 1823-1910 and in which Domenico was born on April 8, 1883. His father Ilario and uncle Antonio married the sisters Mariantonia and Filomena Core from Penne, and both families lived here.

casamariotti.jpg (65352 bytes)

On August 3, 1886  Maria Nicola Mariotti was born in this house in Penne. She married Domenico on November 30, 1911 after he returned from his second trip to America. Her nephew Vittorio now lives here.

chiamato.jpg (158189 bytes)

"Chiamato alle armi per effetto del R. Decreto 21 marzo 1915 e giunto il 7 aprile 1915... Lasciato in congedo illimitato il 16 agosto 1919." 
The entry of Italy into World War I called Domenico Buccella into duty just 13 days before the birth of his son Guerino. Over four years later, he would return to Loreto Aprutino and see his son for the first time.

marianicola.jpg (68590 bytes)

Maria Nicola Mariotti with Guerino circa 1917. At the time Domenico was at war against the Austrians in the Italian Alps. The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand on June 28, 1914 set in motion a series of events that shaped the world we live in today. It also meant that no men of fighting age were allowed to leave Italy, as Domenico had planned to do in the spring of 1915.

zopitofamiglia.jpg (196981 bytes)

Family of the elder Zopitantonio, first cousin of Domenico and son of Antonio Buccella. Antonio and his family left the original homestead at Contrada Collecera and moved to Penne circa 1910. 

lecaserosse.jpg (58367 bytes)

Le case rosse a Penne. The house where the family of Antonio Buccella lived after leaving Contrada Collecera in 1910. Antonio was the older brother of Ilario and uncle of Domenico. His descendants still live there today.

ettore.jpg (80964 bytes)

The heart of the family in Italy consists of Ilario, his sons and their families.  (L-R) Ilaria, Simona, Marco, Stefania, Angela, Sara, Franco, Anthony, Ilario, Maria Pia and Ettore.

mariannina.jpg (54772 bytes)

Domenico Buccella's younger sister Mariannina. She married Carmine Ranalli on October 6, 1909. Her brother Giuseppe Buccella married Carmine's sister Paolina Ranalli.

ersilia.jpg (63012 bytes)

Family of the younger Zopitantonio. Wife Ersilia Costantini (3rd from left) with children Matilda and  Raffaele (front) in Loreto on January 30, 1950. At the time Zopito was living and working in South America. 

pescara.jpg (81453 bytes)

After dinner in Pescara June 1, 2000. The family of the younger Raffaele Buccella including (L-R) children Pierluigi and Daniela, sister Matilda, mother Ersilia Costantini, Raffaele, and brother-in-law Renato DiMarco. 

cognomi.gif (20218 bytes)

This map shows the distribution of the Buccella surname in Italy. The name is an ancient Latin word meaning "a small mouthful, morsel" or "small bread divided among the poor." The Latin word "buccellatum" referred to biscuits commonly eaten by Roman soldiers. The name is not overly common in Italy, but there is a large concentration in Abruzzo. As with all Italian families, each branch has its own nickname in order to distinguish one family from another.

orazio.jpg (41162 bytes)

Orazio Buccella circa 1927. Born in 1907,  Orazio was the first son of Raffaele Buccella. Orazio married Annazopita Buccella (no relation) and had three children: Maria, Gabriele and Elisa. He had an older sister Grazietta and two brothers: Corinto, who is still living, and Zopitantonio. There was another brother named  Ilario born in 1909 who died in infancy. The family resemblance to the relatives in America is notable.

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