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Located on this site since 1280 A.D. the church of Santa Maria in Piano is the oldest in Loreto. The interior features a painting of the Universal Judgement Cycle, whose depiction of Hell was so disturbing that the church had it permanently removed.

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June 29, 1925. "I Remember Always. From the mother who thinks of you always and remembers you much... kisses to all and a kiss to little Adelina and to Guerino."
Your dear mother, Mariantonia

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Le prime coccià storta nate in America. Aida and Adelina Butchella on the occasion of Aida's first communion circa 1935. Since Adelina was born before Domenico was naturalized, she retained her right to Italian citizenship but lost it when her father became a U.S. citizen in 1927. Since Domenico was already an American citizen when Aida was born, she never held the right to Italian citizenship.

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This drawing by Gloria Buccella depicts (L-R) our translator Gianni Salone, Caterina Donatelli, Kristina, Adelina, Melissa and Antonio. Gloria is the daughter of Paolo Buccella and grand daughter of Corinto. Her seven-year old imagination seems to have captured the essence of our trip in the year 2000... the completion of a circle that had been open for 40 years, and a happy, long-overdue Transatlantic reunion.

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Giuseppe Buccella and sister Annarita are the children of Umberto Buccella and grandchildren of Giuseppe. They are shown with Anthony (R) and the elegant yet intoxicated Gauhs sisters.

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Paola Buccella with husband Franco D'Armi, children Sara and Francesco, parents Zopito and Antonietta, and Ciccio. Paola is also a granddaughter of the elder Giuseppe. Her father Zopito and Umberto were brothers.

sorelle.jpg (66535 bytes)

(L-R) Ilario's mother Concetta and daughters Gina, Assunta, Maria and Emilia. While the sisters are all coccià storta, their offspring are not, even though Maria married a Buccella from an unrelated line giving her children the same surname.

diga.jpg (94966 bytes)

Melissa, Kristin and Anthony at la diga di Penne with the Gran Sasso looming in the background. Originally a Vestini stronghold called Pinna, the town of Penne has been in existence for over 2400 years. The Vestini wisely signed a treaty with Rome in 302 B.C.

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Domenick Butchella and his son Guerino became U.S. citizens on April 4, 1927 forever relinquishing their right to Italian citizenship. After 1922, citizenship did not transfer automatically to spouses, so Maria Nicola never became a U.S. citizen. 

ciao.jpg (60457 bytes)

Saying goodbye to Ettore and Abruzzo. "Once you have visited this generous region you become wedded to it forever and even before you leave you begin to plan your return." 
Carmelita D'Onofrio Flocco

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The brave and powerful
Guerino Anthony Buccella...

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... and his mighty Keeshond Nikolai.

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