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BUCE Family Oral Histories

(also known as: True Stories, Half-Truths,
Rumors, and possibly Bald-Faced Lies)

What's hiding in the BUCE family closet?? I've learned that family history is rife with guesses, half-truths, and some deliberate misleadings. A good genealogist is like a detective. You work with obscure clues and circumstantial evidence. But hopefully while sifting through the tidbits of information you will find a grain of truth that will lead you to documentation to support your research. I've learned that "family history" should always be listened to with more than a single grain of salt. So, sit back, hear the family stories, and pass me the salt shaker...

Please note: I have indicated the credit in italics for the informant who contributed the following stories. When possible, I've included a contact email address. This information has been scrounged over three years of sifting through random bits on the internet and on the BUCE-BUSE-Family list at Email addresses given were the ones attached with the information at the time and may not be current. The following information has been compiled from individual emails sent to me, and from notes posted on the BUCE-BUSE-Family list at The information on this page should not be considered "fact" unless actual documentation is located.

Please email me with any family stories or tidbits or rumors you have encountered about the BUCE, BUSE, BUICE, or BUIS family and I'll include them on this page.

Susan Buce
[email protected]

Did you hear the one about...?

William Alvin BUSE (son of William R. BUSE) - Park Hill, on Walking Stick Mountain, where Billie (Bertha Pauline) was born, is now under water from the dam that was put in. William Alvin was supposedly a Justice of the Peace in Oklahoma. Most likely in Sallysaw, Skiatook, or Talequah County. He moved to Carlsbad, N.M. in the 1930's or 40's.


William Riley BUSE moved the family to Cherokee Co. Oklahoma (approx 1882) where his son David Lawton Buce was born.
William R. ran a freight wagon of bull teams. His son, William Alvin BUSE, was a Justice of the Peace in Oklahoma and also a blacksmith. They lived on the Cookson Ranch outside of Talequah where William A. was a blacksmith. Mahaly BUICE, William R.'s sister, married A. Burns then Thomas Haney.
Sarah (William A.'s sister) married Rattlin Gourd , who went by Gourd. He was "Half-Breed" Cherokee Indian. Jim Gourd (Cousin to Sam P. Buse) rode a bicycle from Okla. to Carlsbad New Mexico.
William Alvin met Hattie Ida Mae Coppinger when he was 33 and she was 18. She was in a run-away buggy and He chased it down on his horse and stopped it. They were married shortly after that. Vallie, William A.'s daughter by his first marriage to Emma Richmond, became ill with tuberculosis. Her husband Charley Kelly moved her to Carlsbad N.M.because the climate there was dry. As she grew worse the family moved out to help take care of her. This was in 1926. They lived there 5 years then went back to Okla. for 2 years then back to Carlsbad. Uncle Harvey was 18 or 19 and Sam was 10. Monk Woods was cousin to Sam P. and daughter to James Sherman BUSE. Sam P. tells this story " In North Carolina the Buses would join neither the north nor the south in the Civil War. They were called "gorillas". (Sam's) Great-grandpa (William Buse) was making a pair of Moccasins. He had finished one and started the second when a group of soldiers came to get him. He ran out the back throwing his moccasins into a tree. He had forgotten about them until years later when he chopped down the tree for wood and out fell his moccasins."

From the census dated 1790 from Fayette District, Anson County, NC John Buse ("is the Grandaddy of all the others") His family is listed on 1820 census.In the 1800 NC census it is John Buise, Senr. Rowan Co.Also the 1810 NC census. In the 1810 NC Census there is a John Buis Junior, Rowan Co. (His son)along with a John, senior. The 1820 census lists John Buse, Rowan Co. and the 1830 lists John Buise, Rowan Co. The 1850 lists William Buce age 52 Labourer and Pernina age 52 and children Elizabeth age 17, Mahaly age 13, William R. age 10 (our ancestor) from Cherokee Co. Murphy township.

-contributed by Paula Willson, [email protected]


Joseph BUCE, son of Charles Marion BUCE was a blacksmith like his father. My aunt told me there is a street in the Oklahoma town he lived in named BUCE street in honor of the blacksmith shop that was there for many years. The town was possibly Ft. Gibbs. - contributed by Susan Buce, [email protected]

William Riley BUSE was eventually divorced by his wife Nancy NEWTON. Family rumor is that he was "not a nice man" and would trip you with his cane just to see you stumble. It is believed that he was abusive as well. Both William and Nancy declared after they were divorced that they didn't wish to see each other again, nor be buried in the same cemetary. - contributed by Susan Buce, [email protected]

WWII - BUCE at Pearl Harbor

Jack "Mick" BUCE was a Machinist Mate on the USS Tennessee docked at Ford Island in Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941. Due to a lucky circumstance, the USS Tennessee arrived into port before the USS West Virginia and took their scheduled slot next to the quay. Because of this positioning, the USS West Virginia took the brunt of the blows when the Japanese attacked. The USS West Virginia was sunk, as was the USS Arizona just kitty-corner to the USS Tennessee. Mick said that at first, the sailors thought that GQ (General Quarters) was being sounded as a drill. They were annoyed because it was a Sunday morning, a time that most of them had off. The men began trotting toward their stations, grumbling about the poor timing of the drill. Jack said that halfway to his station the ship suddenly lurched and the bow lifted about 5 feet off the water then slammed back down. At that moment it became horrifyingly apparent that this was not a drill, and everyone hit the deck at a full run. Mick spent most of the day below decks at his duty station, unsure what was happening. It wasn't until late in the afternoon that things settled down and he was able to get above and view the horrific devistation. Mick later admitted that one of the things he was most worried about during the attack was that the ship would sink, and the engagement ring in his storage locker that he had bought for his sweetheart would go to the bottom of the ocean. A full 10 days after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the USS Tennessee - one of the least damaged ships - was cut free and able to limp across the Pacific Ocean to Bremerton, Washington where it arrived on January 16, 1942. Mick was then able to notify his relatives, over a month after the attack, that he was still alive. He married his sweetheart the next day who rushed to be there with him.

- contributed by Susan Buce, [email protected]


John Buse (b: 1880) m 1st wife: Geneva Bonds (m: "around turn of the century" in Blount Co. AL ). John worked as a quarryman in limestone quarry. Family history is that he was of "Indian Blood." They moved to Blount Co. to escape "persecution" for being Native American. Worked for The Chenney Co., a new quarry. The Chenneys were supposedly Scots and close friends of either Buse or Bond family. They helped hide the family in exchange for camp labor. The family seemed to flourish in this environment, they gained land <owning it.>. John Buse reportedly owned a 20-mule mule team at one time which represented great wealth in that era and region. The Chenneys moved John to a management or overseeing position within the company. Some time during the Indian Removal Act and the Journey on the Trail of Tears which passes through this area either more of my people had hidden out in this hilly region or ran from the encampments as the Trail traveled but , they intermarried . much is lost in the way of formal records family bibles recorded most information as doctors were scarce and the "old ways" were used. They had 19 children! Geneva died, and Geneva's sister Fannie moved in to help with the children, and later became John's 2nd wife. - contributed by Sammy Joe Fulton

Elizabeth Buice and Western Randolf Standridge
From: Polk Co., TN Heritage Book #10
article submitted to the above by David E. Harrill

Elizabeth BUICE and Western Randolph Standridge have many descendants in Fannin Co., GA. Polk, McMinn, and Monroe Counties in Tennessee. Western/Weston Randolph Standridge is a descendant of James Standridge, who fought in the Revolutionary War. James awas b: 1755 Maryland d: 6 May 1837 Oconee Co., SC mar. Mary Wallace b. 1764 VA d. Aug. 1849, the daughter of James and Eilenor Wallace. Mary Wallace Standridge filed for Rev. War pension while living in the Western Dist., Pickens Co., SC where she and James are buried.

James and Mary Standridge's son, John B., Standridge b. 1784-85 Rowan Co., NC mar. Sara b. 1785 SC. They are found in Cherokee Co., NC before moving to Gilmer Co., GA by 1850 living with their son, Washington Standridge. John B. and Sarah Standridge had four sons, John Balis; Washington; Elijah; and Jesse.

Jesse Standridge b. 1800 Cherokee Co., NC d 22 Mar 1874 mar. 11 Apr. 1823 Haywood Co., NC Elizabeth "Betsy" Bradley b. 1809 d. 1891, daughter of Joseph Bradley. Both are buried in the Shady Grove Cem. outside of Murphy, NC. Jesse and Betsy are found living in the Nottia Dist. in the Cherokee Co., NC 1850 through the 1880 Census.

Jess and Betsy's son, Western Randolph Standridge was b. Sept. 1830 Macon Co., NC d. 8 Nov. 1922 mar. Elizabeth "Betty" BUICE b. 14 Dec. 1833 Haywood Co., NC d. 26 Oct. 1921, the daughter of William BUICE and Pernina Hall BUICE (given on her sister's death cert.). Betty and Western are buried outside of Turtletown in the Zion Hill Cem. Their graves can be found to the left of the church. Western and Betty are in Cherokee Co., NC. in 1860 and 1870 and from 1880 to 1920 they are in Polk Co., Tennessee.

Fortunately many Standridge descendants have been able to gain first hand stories and information from Cordie Standridge (Mrs. H.) Schlaeger b. 15 July 1909 and still "enjoying life to its fullest" in Cleveland, TN. Cordie, the daughter of Christopher Columbus (son of Henry Western and brother to my ancestor Alfred Lafayette) says that "the Standridge were Irish in origin and that Elizabeth was "Black Dutch." According to my Aunt Grace, "Betty" was very short, 4 to 4-1/2 ft. tall with dark skin and dark eyes. Several older family members say that Western and Betty lived in Turtletown, Polk Co., TN near Ditney Mt. The log cabin in which they lived was later sold and moved to the Primitive Settlement, an historical attraction just east of Cleveland, Tennessee.

Another family story tells of a family feud that Western had with one of his brothers. The details of the feud involved one of Western's brothers trading a Pinto pony for a slave girl. Others in the family wanted him to give the girl up and he refused. Western's brother said he would just move "below the mountain" and become a Democrat and a Methodist, and have nothing to do with his Baptist, Republican kinfolk.

Western and Betty BUICE Standridge were the parents of six children. Their son, Alfred Lafayette Standridge is my great-grandfather (See the "Alfred L. Standridge" article for descendants.) Submitted by: David E. Harrill, 107 Hendrix Loop, Madisonville, TN 37354; Compiled by: Dede Harrill, 107 Hendrix Loop, Madisonville, TN 37354. Birth, Death, and Marriage Records, Court Records, Census, and Genealogical Research by Family Members.

My gggrandmother (Nancy or Nicy) Hall was said to have been a Buice also they said she was a Black Dutch I cannot prove any of this because the homeplace burned and burned all the records they had. I have been hunting her parents and also her husband's parents for many years. I know they had relatives in Spartanburg County SC. They came to GA along with William Buice and Mary Ann Mathis. Their daughter Patsy's inlaws. I think they lived somewhere in the vicinty of Cowpens SC. Her name was probably Nancy but census records show her as Nicy she was a weaver by trade and she married Joseph Hall born abt 1805 VA. I don't know her birth year but she was born in SC. Their children are Elbridge Joseph Hall; John C. Calhoun Hall (my ggrandfather)m. Mary Jane Williams; Patsy Hall m. Elisha Buice; Nancy Hall m. Henry Jones; Millie Hall m. Nathan Langford Buice(son of Terrell and Hannah Buice);Cynthia Hall never married and Mahala Hall never married. Any help would be appreciated. I am at a dead end. - contributed by [email protected]

From the Oregon State Archives

Case Number Case Year Case Name Case Type County Name
2383 1946 Buce, J. M. Estate Wasco
2449 1948 Buce, Thomas A. & William R. Guardianship Wasco

Nancy Buice (b. April 1831, born in NC, Haywood Co.), wife of John J. Franklin. Her father was William Buice of NC. Their children were: Charles, Bill, Betty, Halley, Ezelth. We have a letter and think we connect to the J. Troy Buice who was minister of the Adairsville Baptist Church in Adairsville, GA. Would appreciate it if anyone could help us connect to this line. - contributed by Joan Duffield [email protected]

The name Buce appears only once in our Family data. A James Buce, age 2, (1848) appears in the 1860 census, Madison County, Georgia, with the Josiah Drake household. Also living there was a Sarah Sophrenia Daniels, wife of Josiah's son, William T Drake. James Buce was possibly the son of Sarah, by a previous marriage. William T was the Father of John Turner Drake. They were involved as store keepers in Atlanta during the late 1800's. William T can not be found after 1881. John Turner migrated to Alabama, where he raised his Family and died there. If you know of what happened to James Buce, or find a connection to the Drakes, please let me know.

John Turner Drake 1864 - 1945
+Virginia Evelyn Anderson 1868 - 1929
3 Elizabeth Drake 1842 - ...........
3 James H Drake 1844 - ...........
3 John Drake 1846 - ...........
3 James Buce 1848 - ...........

- contributed by Charles William Drake,
[email protected]

Celia (Seleah) BUCE who married Sherrod PORCH in Clarke County, Georgia on 1 Dec 1816. They lived in Meriweather County, GA in 1830's emigrated to Tallapoosa County, AL in 1840 near Dadesville. Sherrod died there in 1848, Celia died in 1874.. He and Celia are both buried there. Celia wrote the inscription or poem for Sherrod's headstone. Their sons were named John, William and Bryant and Paul and four daughters; Mahala, Harty, Sarah, Nancy. William married Susan Candida (?) and remained in Alabama until his death, they had no children. John, Bryant and Paul all moved to Texas around 1880. They settled in Coleman/Runnels/Llano Counties along with their children and families. John married Mary Ann Warrant in Alabama. One of their sons, Paul (Buddy) married Mary Gray, another William (Wink) married Narcissus Gray who were sisters. William was my g grandfather. He and Narcissus are buried at Midway Cemetery, Coleman County as are John and Mary. My grandfather was John Waldon (Walter) Porch who married Olga Buna Busby in Coleman County in 1903. My mother was Minnie Mae Porch she married my father Norrice F. Wilson in Baylor County in 1927. After Sherrod's death about 1845, Celia remained in Tallapoosa County Alabama on the farm. She and Sherrod are buried in Red Rock (or Red Ridge) Cemetery, Tallapoosa County.

I found land patent records for Sherrod and William (who I believe was their eldest son) dated October 1840. I also found land patent records dating 1837 and 1840 for a Briant, William and John BUCE. William and his wife remained in Alabama. I also have a Rutha SMITH who married an unknown BUCE and is listed in the 1855 Tallapoosa County Census as Ruth Buce, widow. My lineage is through John Porch. Will share any information I have on this. I have quite a bit of information on PORCH, GRAY families who emigrated from Alabama to Coleman/Runnels County, TX in the early 1880's.

- contributed by Birda Pelton, PHXBOWLER@aol

Ruth SMITH, daughter of Capt. William and Celia SMITH, was married to
John BUCE.

Will of Celia Smith, located in the Tallapoosa County Courthouse,
dated 1851 shows:

4 And it is further ordered by the court that the said Elijah Jordan administrator as aforesaid pay to John Buce and Rutha Buce for the use of the said Rutha Buce - the sum of one hundred and sixteen dollars and eighty six cents that being her distribution share of said estate."

Other children listed were Celia Jordan, wife of Elijah Jordan, and Sarah McBurnett, wife of Thomas McBurnett

Tallapoosa Co., AL Minutes Orphans Court 1846-1852
"Orphans Court In Vacation 12th November 1849

In the matter of the Estate of Celia Smith deceased

Application for Leters of Administration

This the 12th day of November 1849 came Sarah McBurnett, one of the daughters of Celia Smith late of Tallapoosa County deceased and Edward J Canady and makes application for Letters of Administration
on the Estate of said decedent.It is therefore ordered by the Court that the fourth Monday on a November Instant be appointed for hearing and determining the said application.

And ordered that Citations(?) to Elijah Jordan and Celia Jordan his wife John Buce and Ruthy Buce his wife and James Smith notifying them of the said application and of the time apponted for hearing and determining the same.
Matthew Lyle, Judge of the County Court setting for Orphans Business"

- contributed by Birda Pelton, PHXBOWLER@aol

Sherrod Porch was born in 1783, according to his tombstone. He married Celia Buce on 01 December 1816 in Clarke County, Georgia. Celia was born about 1800. Sherrod and Celia had at least eight children. They were living in Meriwether County in 1830 and 1840. By 1842, the family was living in Tallapoosa County,
Alabama when their oldest son married. Shortly thereafter, on 05 September 1848, Sherrod died. Celia died on 23 December 1874 and they are buried in the Red Ridge Cemetery in Tallapoosa County. Their known children:

William, born abt 1820, married Susan A. Canida
Mahala, born abt 1822, married Samuel Gray Jr.(family information under Gray
section) <samueljr.htm>
Harty, born abt 1823, married William McBurnett Jr.(family information under
McBurnett section) <mcburnett.htm>
Sarah, born abt 1825, married 19 October 1854 Tallapoosa County to William J.
Vineyard (family information under Vineyard section <vinyard.htm>)
Martha, married _______Graham
Bryant, born 1831
John, born 1833
Nancy, born abt 1834
According to the 1830 Meriwether County, Georgia census, there was one male under the age of five living in the household. I have not found any reference to this individual. According to the 1840 Meriwether County, Georgia census, there was an additional male child which has not been found.

Samuel GRAY Jr. b. 1808 Ga. married Mahala McBURNETT (b. ~1810, d. ~1840)1827 in Meriwether Co. Ga. Moved to Tallapoosa Co. about 1836. Lived there until death in 1874. After 1st wife death, he married Mahala PORCH, daughter of Sherrod PORCH and Celia BUCE.

Family of John BUCE
John BUCE b: ca 1780 in N.C. d: 1855 Tallapossa Co. Ala.
Married: Rutha ___ b: ca 1780 in NC d: after 1857 prob. Tallap. Co.

Rutha who married John Buce was Rutha SMITH, daughter of William and Celia SMITH. William was a Revolutionary War Soldier from Georgia. Celia Smith died in Tallapoosa County, Alabama in 1949.
In William's Revolutionary War Pension records, there are two documents which list their children. The first is the estate papers of Celia Smith, dated 14 June 1852. It states that Celia Smith died 20 Oct 1849 leaving five children (to-wit)
James Smith (now residing in Texas)
Thomas Smith (of Pike County, Alabama)
Sarah McBurnett, Celia Jordan and Ruth Buce (all of Tallapoosa County Alabama)

To the list of children, Ruth Buce makes afidavit dated 24 April 1846, Tallapoosa County, Alabama, "now in her 68th year (born ca. 1778).... that she is the daughter of Captain William and Celia Smith, who had four children older than she ... to wit:
Mary, now deceased, who would be age 75, if living.....
Nicholas Smith, now dead, who would be 74 years old, if living.....
Thomas Smith, now living in his 73rd year.....
Rachail, now in her 71st year....

Celia Buce, wife of Sherrod Porch, born 1800 seems to be the likely daughter
of Ruth and John Buce. Celia was a family name as Ruth's mother was named
Celia as well as a sister. Celia SMITH Jordan.

The list of children seen in messages in this forum, show the oldest child Bryant/Briant being born 1805. As
John and Ruth are being listed as born about 1780, then they could have had a child in 1800, the approximate birthdate of Celia. Celia named one of her children Bryant! Also, Ruth's mother was named Celia.

View my website dealing with these families at:
- contributed by Terry Jenkins, [email protected]

Thank you Terry. Your records have proven out again! William Smith/Celia Hogan had three daughters: 1) Celia who married Elijah Jordan the administrator of Celia Hogan Smith's estate. 2) Rutha who married John Buce and claimed her share of the estate. 3) Sarah who was married to McBurnett. It is logical that Celia Buce Porch is one of the missing daughters of John Buce....her grandmother's given name, etc. but how do we get around the Georgia marriage records listing her as Seleah? Oh yes, WHICH of the Gray families does this connect? Narcissus Gray (Hillary) married my great grandfather William Porch her sister married his brother Sherrod. Then just to confuse me more Rubicka Gray married a Busby who married a Porch but she
wasn't the same bunch of Gray's. Now are you equally confused? Again, Thank You.

- contributed by Birda Pelton, PHXBOWLER@aol


Looking for the Family of William Buce (1890), who married Alma Buce in Dallas, TX.
Alma was the sister of my Mother-in-law, Rilla Hammons Beattie. Alma and her husband "Will" lived in and around Dallas TX all of their married life. They had two sons, Horace and Rogers, who also lived their lives in Dallas. - contributed by Jane, [email protected]

Charles F. and Charles E. BUCE
-contributed by Michael Craigie, [email protected]

I am still looking for the parents of Charles Evander BUCE aka BUSE. The tombstone for Charles Evander BUCE, reads: C.E. BUCE 1834 - 1892 and is in Barrons Cemetery, Benton Co., AR. The individual on the (Cherokee Rolls) Dawes Roll #14767, Charles F. BUSE, is for a much younger person. His father was James S. BUSE and his mother was Nancy R. (JOHNSON) BUSE. The other children were Onie M. (F), Ada E. (F) and Samuel T. It is interesting to note that BUSE was changed to BUCE on the enrollment registration (S crossed off C placed above it) but the family is registered as BUSE. Nancy mar. James in Benton Co. AR. on 13 Jul 1892. The children of C.E. BUCE (my g-g-g-grandfather) include Lue Ellan my (g-g-grandmother), Sarah who mar. a BAXTER, Lilly who mar. an Olinghouse, Neal and Charlie.

My Buce (Charles Evander) is buried in Benton Co. AR. The following other BUCE people are also buried in Benton County, AR:

BUCE Bertha O. 1870 - 1839
BUCE Charles A. 1903 - 1972
BUCE Charles R. 1866 - 1929
BUCE Charley A. 1866 - 1929
BUCE C. E. 1835 - 1892 (Charles Evander)
BUCE C. E. 1845 - 1928 (Cornelius E.)
BUCE Lydia 1906 - ????
BUCE Lydia Mae 1926 - 1927
BUCE Nancy E. 1941 - 1970
BUCE Nanny E. 1871 - 1950

I think Charlie was the son of Charles Evander BUCE, based on family records. Beyond that I have no information. On family records, Charles Evander was (full bloodied) Cherokee and married a woman (my family spelling) named Lucinda Evangeline MALTBY. On researching this I did find Charles BUCE living in 1850 with a family named MALTBA, (Peter 49, Elizabeth 47, Thomas 25, Mary J. 7) as well as Charles' wife Elmiree? and month old child Martha. I believe he was living with his wife's family which seems to fit with what I've learned of Cherokee lineage. My family listed Charles' wife as Lucinda Evangeline. Supposedly the 1860 census (my sister found) the family consisting of Charles E., Lucinda E., and Martha then 10 years old. All of these findings were in Independence Co., AR., where my g-g-grandmother, Lue Ellen, daughter of Charles, was born. On another note, I did find a James BUCE in the 1880 census in Dakota Territory as a miner. He was about 34 years old and born in MO. I don't know if he relates or not. The man who married Nancy R. Johnson was James S. Buce and he said he did not wish to be enrolled with his family, Nancy R. Buce and their children Onie M., Charles F., Ada E. and Samuel T. There is much more conjecture and very little proof about the life of Charles Evander. I, like you, would love to push the family genealogy further back in time. Do you know what happened to James BUCE? I know that Nancy remarried and became a KENT. Thanks for answering. I can't help but think there is a connection between all the BUCE lines. - Mike

(Note: James S. Buce was James Sherman Buse, son of William Riley Buse. James and Nancy were married in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. They eloped there together and went to visit "family". Siloam Springs was the home of Charles E. Buce. James died of tuberculosis.- information on James S. Buse contributed by Hazel Sharpe.)

Buis genealogy
-contributed by Michael Craigie, [email protected]

I have received a large Buice genealogy collected by another Buice researcher. I believe Joseph is included
in it. This Buice line is in NY pre rev war. However, I have been unable to make a connection to William (of
Pernina). None of the Williams were at the correct dob for our William. This genealogy concentrated on a family that moved to TN, but is not the same family as the William Buice in Rhea Co. TN (tax records 1819 etc.). I will try to sketch this genealogy here on the Buce list when I have a chance. The head of the tree is William Buis born in Spartenburg, SC around 1804. The surname is also spelled Buice, etc. I may have additional information on another sibling of Elisha (I'm doing this from memory, I hope it is right), David as I recall and the siblings match so I am sure this is the family.

In Benton Co, Ar..I finally found proof that my Gr Gr Grandfather was John H. Hammock, the second sheriff of Benton Co. His will mentions his deceased son William Riley Hammock and the children of this deceased son, the last of which is my grandfather William Riley Hammack.......Thanks to Debbie Stuart for this info...... I am currectly searching for the place of burial for my Gr Grandfather William Riley Hammock who died between 1878 and 1880....He was believed to have lived in Gravette......any information would be much appreciated. Also looking for Buce, Mooney and Anderson relatives of my great aunt Nannie Elizabeth Hammock Buce.....Nannie, listed as Nancy in the obit in Siloam Springs newspaper, died in 1950 in Ok and is buried in Siloam Springs....She was married to Charlie Buce....They had 4 children....Bessie that married Mr. Youngblood and lived in Ok, Bertha who married Steve Anderson and lived in Siloam Springs, John Buce and Charles.....Any information on this family would also be much appreciated......
Also looking for cousins...... Thanks so much.
- contributed by Machelle Hammack Bronaugh, [email protected]

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(Note: Walt Buce was my uncle, Walter "Hank" Robert BUCE. - contributed by Susan Buce, [email protected])

Index: "History of Tallassee, Alabama" In Elmore County

This volume which is unindexed, has had the following index compiled by Elaine Hendricks.
Buce, Family, 16
Buce's, Blacksmith shop, 50

(This is my personal favorite message about BUCE on the internet...)

A word about BUCE: (Bulk Unsolicited Commercial Email)
BUCE is NOT harmless! In addition to taking money from innocent third-parties down the line, BUCE threatens the very structure of the Internet.

I am searching for any information on Sarah Elizabeth BUCE, nickname: Sally. She was born 1 July 1865. She married John Edwin JAMES on 18 December 1881. They lived in Elmore County, AL. They had 11 children, 8 of whom reached adulthood. John Edwin JAMES was born 16 January 1856 or 1858. Children's names were Eddie, Willie, Fylie, Estelle, Johnny, Georgie, Mary, Clair, Sarah, Perry, and "infant". - Cemetery records for Elmore County, Rose Hill Cemtery at Tallassee show a Sallie E. James, born July 1, 1865 and died May 2, 1916. Beside her is J.E. James, born January 16, 1858 and died March 16, 1928. THESE are my great-grandparents, Sara Elizabeth "Sallie" BUCE JAMES and John Edwin JAMES. On the same page, which means they are close together in the cemetery because they were copied by rows - there is listed a Thomas A. BUCE, born October 14, 1846 and died December 18, 1897; Mary J. BUCE, born March 30 1846 and died June 23, 1928 at age 82; Mrs. Sallie BUCE, age 76, no dates (but, somewhere, I have date of death on her and I think it is 1902, meaning that she was born in 1826). Mary Jane BUCE's father is listed as Sugar Seato. John Edwin James sister was Mary James Hornsby.

- contributed by Linda English, (old address: [email protected]), new address: [email protected]

Thank you for the compilation of the BUCE entries. I printed it out and re-read it. Does anyone have access to the marriage records in Tallapoosa and/or Elmore Counties? If I am remembering my history lesson correctly, Elmore County was formed in 1866 out of portions of the surrounding counties. Tallassee was in Tallapoosa County before 1866 and in Elmore County after 1866. Also, I am particularly interested in the Sallie Buce in the Tallassee cemetery. She was buried in 1902 at the age of 76, which means that she
was born in 1926. She would be about the right age to be my Sallie's grandmother. I am finding that Sallie was a nickname for Sara(h) in those days. I have found it to be the custom in two or three other lines that I
am researching. And, by the way, I have wondered if the Mahaly could have evolved into "Mollie" and maybe Cindy's Mollie could be the granddaughter of one with that name. If it sounds as though I am grasping at straws, maybe I am. But I know that there must be more clues in the material you sent out than I am picking up on. I will continue to read it. By the way - I saw another spelling for the surname - BEUCE. Have you seen that one?

- contributed by Linda English, (old address: [email protected]), new address: [email protected]

My great-great grandfather was John Jefferson Buce. Based upon the 1870 Census of Union Parish, Louisiana, he was born circa 1838 in Georgia. He married Cynthia Harris who was born July 25,
1844 in Perry County, Alabama. At her death in 1931, she was survived by Anna Buce Preaus, my great grandmother, Tom Buce of Memphis, TN and Bob Buce of Winnfield, LA. I do know that John Jefferson Buce had an older brother, William H. Buce born circa 1834, also in Georgia. At the time of the 1870 Census of Union Parish, LA, he had three children, John, 12, Cordelia, 6 and Millie, 2. I do not know if this will be of any help. If you have even sketchy information on the Buces going back to Georgia or anywhere in that vicinty, I would love to have it. You can never tell when you can piece something together.

- contributed by Gene Preaus, [email protected]
Mon 3/15/99 7:06 PM

I am particularly interested in John Jefferson Buce ((1838-1912). I believe he was born in Georgia. He died in Winnfield, Louisiana. His wife was Cynthia Ann Harris (1845-1931). I believe she was from Alabama. She died in Louisiana.

- contributed by Paul D. Folse, [email protected]

Mahala BUICE BURNS was apparently married to a man named Burns, who either died or divorced her.
Found a marriage record for Mahala at age 30 to Thomas Haney (3/26/1874) age 40. The wedding took place at Hamilton Hyde's Residence; W.G. Paynes J.P. officiating; Catharine Payne, W.H. Phillips, B.H. Hyde witnesses. Mahala and Thomas settled next to her father in the Hothouse Township. Mahala was listed as "BURNS" on the census records of 1860 and 1870 with her father William BUICE, (also listed variously as BUSE and BUCE) in Hothouse Township, Cherokee County, North Carolina:
June 29th, 1860 - Census entries
William Buse (60 male) South Carolina
Pernina (60 female Sanipoor (?) NC
William R. (19 male) Haywood NC
Mahaly Burns (22 female) Haywood NC
Henry Mor W (1 mo male) Cherokee NC

1870 Census - Hot House Dist. Cherokee County NC lists:
Person Age Race Sex Occupation Place of Birth

William Buce 71 yo White Male Farmer North Carolina
Pernina Buce 70 yo White Female Housekeeper North Carolina
Burns Mahala 32 yo White Female "At Home" North Carolina
Henry 11yo white male North Carolina
Andy 8yo white male North Carolina

1880 census:
Inhabitants in Hothouse Township, in the County of Cherokee, State of North Carolina, enumerated by me on the 5 day of June, 1880 (name appears to be Johan Vance).
3, Dist. No. 4, Dist. No 78.

Person Race Sex Age Relationship Occupation Place of Birth
17, 17 Haney, Thomas, W, M, 55, Miller N. Carolina
Mahala, W, F, 46, Wife, North Carolina
James, W, M, 16, Son, Works on farm N. Carolina
Lillian, W, F, 5, Daughter, N. Carolina
Burns, Andrew F., W, M, 18 Step son, Works on farm N. Carolina

Mahala BUICE Haney's Death Certificate was witnessed by J.A. Burns as the Informant. (See Death Certificate pages).

Nancy BUICE Franklin - Family Bible
First of all, I am doing this research for my neighbor - Jeanette Morgan Johnson. She is the daughter of Lorene Franklin Morgan. Lorene is the daughter of John Lafette Franklin and Bertha Jane Mathews. Bertha is
the one who had the family bible and we think that Lorene's twin sister has the bible now. John Lafette Franklin's father was Augusta Roussoe Franlkin who married Mary Stultz. Augusta's father was John J. Franklin who married Nancy Buice born 1 April 1831 in NC. Nancy was the daughter of William "Billy" Buice and Honey. We have the Franklin history pretty well documented but when it comes to the Buice line, we just have the information from this old bible (copied by Jeanette) listing Nancy's parents as William "Billy"(BUICE) and Honey (this would have been Perninia HALL) with the children listed as Charles, Bill, Betty, Halley and Ezelph. We think that Ezelph may have been Elizabeth. Jeanette's grandmother had entered the names and she didn't have any schooling and just wrote names the way they sounded to her. We just added the other information just to see is dates and places might fit in and give some clues, subject to change as needed! Thanks for the information and we are looking for corrections, anything that can solve this family line.

Jacob Franklin married Margaret MORGAN (we just found her maiden name in our notes). Their son John J. FRANKLIN married Nancy BUICE (and we are pretty certain that she is the daughter of William "Billy" BUICE and Perninia HALL). John J. and Nancy had a daughter that they named Margaret Perninia Franklin, more than likely after her two grandmothers. We are also pretty sure that we have located the bibles with our information and hope to have them by this weekend. And may also have a picture of Nancy Buice Franklin (see family photo album page).

- contributed by Joan Duffield, [email protected]
November 07, 2000


My great-grandfather, James Irving Buice had a sister named Mattie Buice. Martha (Mattie) Buice was born 1854 in Spartanburg Co., SC. Her father was William Buice born 1810 in SC and he died 1860. Her mother was Polly, born in SC ca. 1825. I don't know who she married or where she went from there, but some of her siblings went to Georgia. A reference from a family Bible says "Grandpa's sister, Mattie, died in 1910." (The Grandpa referred to was my Great-grandfather, James Irving.) I still don't know who WILLIAM's parents were! This is the complete list as far as I can document, on the children of
William and Polly Buice from SC:

Minerva Buice b. 1840
Ephraim Buice b. 1842
Asbury Buice b. 1843
Pinkney Buice b. 1846
Nancy Buice b. 1847 (this Nancy BUICE is most likely NOT the the daughter of William BUICE listed above as none of these siblings were listed as children for William BUICE)
Franklin Buice b. 1849
James Irving Buice b. 1850 d. 1910 m. Mary Bolen
Julia Buice b. 1852
Martha "Mattie" Buice b. 1854 d. 1910
Samuel Buice b. 1856
Marion Buice b. 1858
Susan Buice b. 1861
Robert Buice b. 1863

- contributed by Martha Kapp, [email protected]

My g-grandmother was Mattie Buice who died in 1910 in Milton Co GA an is buried in Mt Pisgah cemetery. She was married to Jabe (Jabois?) Jones and her children included Mattie Jane Jones (who married Albert Terrell Byrd). Do you have any information on this group of Buices? I received an e-mail that Mattie may have been born in SC, dau of William and Polly, but this is not substantiated.

-contributed by [email protected]

My daughter is trying to helping me with some of this-we had a researcher find information on Joseph,
son of Thomas, and father of Hiram Tillman Buse. That is as far back as we have gone. We have found two William Buises in the 1830 census of Spartanburgh, SC-but we don't know how either fits into the line.
I have all of my info in PAF 5. If you use a compatible program, I could send you what I have. I am rededicating myself to this work and hope we can help each other. Joseph Buse (Buise) (Buce), was born abt 1793? Spartanburg SC, died in Marietta, Cobb, Georgia 1868, married to Harriet McClerg.

- contributed by Kathy L., [email protected]

Ransom Harris married Elizabeth Buce, daughter of Thomas A. and Sarah Buce. Is there anyone researching William V. Buce who married Sarah Riden in 1838 in Coosa County, AL? Is there anyone researching Nancy Buce who married a Landers? - and if so, was his first name Zachariah?
-contributed by Linda English, [email protected]

Just trying one more time for any info on Mollie BUCE born in mid-to-late 1800s and lived at the time of her death in Tallassee, Elmore Co., Alabama in 1905. She married Joseph HALL and had several children. Anything??? Many thanks. - contributed by Cindy Spain, [email protected]

Hi Cindy, Molly is probably a diminutive for Mary - I have an interesting note on a Mary Buce born about 1844 in Georgia, as I recall - she is listed as a Grass Widow. Anyway, which county (I have 50 Joseph Halls to choose from) and I'll see what I can find out next week. - Mike Craigie

All I have on my great-grandmother is her name of Mollie BUCE. I think she was born around 1865-1870. She married Joseph Griffin HALL. They lived in Tallassee, Alabama and had several children. One of her children, Molly LaVera HALL was born in 1901, my grandmother. Mollie BUCE HALL died in 1905, so my grandmother didn't know too much about her. I found on the internet that she died of consumption. Joseph later married another woman, and died when my grandmother was around 12 years old. I found a census from 1910 that said Joseph was around 40-45. I have tried for so long to find anything about my Alabama relatives, I hope you have a bit of info!! - Cindy

-The following contributed by Michael Craigie

From the Thirteenth Population Census, T624, Roll 12 (Elmore County, Alabama ED 72,
Sheet 2, Vol. 36) I found this extended family:

Hall Joseph G. Head M W 42 M(2) Alabama Arkansas Arkansas
Hattie L. Wife F W 37 M(2) Alabama Alabama Alabama
Clara daug F W 19 S All others reported born in
Thomas son M W 17 S
Edgar son M W 14 S
William son M W 11 S
Vera daug F W 9 S
Huburt son M W 5 S
Festus son M W 1/12
Dazier Vera step dau F W 12 S
Dazier Naomi step dau F W 10 S
Dazier William step son M W 8 S

I also noticed that Joseph and Hattie had been married one year.

I assume Molly LaVera Hall is the 9 year old Vera in the census. - Mike

This is indeed my family! Many thanks! - Cindy

My gggrandmother Hall, Nancy Buice Hall was born in NC and died in GA about 1893 she was married to Joseph (Frank we think) Calhoun Hall he died around 1857 while felling a tree. The tree fell on him and killed him. They came to GA along with William Buice and his wife Mary Ann Mathis. Nancy and Joseph's daughter Millie married Nathan Langford Buice son of Terrell and Hannah Buice and daughter Patsy married Eisha Buice son of William and Mary Buice. I feel like Nancy was related to these Buice's some how and I am hoping the Nancy you found is this person. Both my gggrandmothers were Buices. Joseph and Nancy had a son John C. Calhoun Hall who married Mary Williams daughter of Susan Buice and John LaFayette Williams. Susan was the dauther of William and Mary. I would appreciate it if you would send me the JPG file you spoke of in your e-mail. Also any other information you can give me would be greatly appreciated. As you can see I am well connected to the Buice's. I have a picture of Susan Buice and she looks very much Indian, I don't know if she had any any Indian blood or not. She appears to have black hair and looks like she would be kinda dark complexioned. I have been told that Nancy was very dark complexioned (olive is guess you would call it) some of her children were kinda dark and had brown eyes the others had blond hair and blue eyes.

- contributed by LaVon, [email protected]

Again, a tid-bit on John BUSE pulled from the rag-bag of genealogy information
I have squirreled away.
--Susan Buce

Isearch-cgi 1.20.06 (File: 1790ansa.txt)
1790 NC Anson Cty Census, Fayette dis pg 35a

1790 Census North Carolina
Anson County Fayette district
1790 NC Anson Cty, Fayette dist pt 35b

1st # free white males 16 year upwards and head of families
2nd # free white males under 16 years
3rd # free white females and head of families
4th # all other free persons
5th # slaves

Buse, John.........................................1-0-3-0-0

File contributed for use in the USGenWeb Archives by:
Alice Ohlsson Tatum

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I am looking for whatever info I can get on my GGgrandparents, Drury Mote and Viney (Lavina) Buce born 1807-10 in Georgia. Drury and Viney were married in 1829 in Meriwether Co. Ga. The 1850 census shows them living in Tallapoosa Co. Ala. with 8 children including My Ggrandfather, James R. Mote who migrated westward to Sebastian Co. Ark.You had several pieces of info in your inquiry that were interesting First, you mentioned several of the people were Cherokee. I had always heard Viney Buce was either Cherokee or Choctaw. Second, you mentioned that a Lillian Buce (daughter of William Riley BUSE) married a Sam Breshears--- My Ggrandfather married for a second time to a Choctaw lady named Letha Ann Breshears. And last, most of the family moved across the Ark./ Ok. line primarily into Haskell Co. which is just south of Ft. Gibson. Drury and Viney Mote were my GGgrandparents through their son James R. (Ripley). I have reason to believe Viney was the daughter of John Buce born 1780. As for Drury, with the help of another descendent through his son Bryant, Drury's lineage has been traced all the way back to William Mote born about 1670 in England.

-- contributed by Thomas Mooney, [email protected]

My ggggrandparents were Lavinia Buce and Drury Mote. I am through Drurys son
Bryants line. I would appreciate knowing anything about my ggggrandmother, as this has been
a dead end for me. I would share any info I have that you could use.
-contributed by Linda Yarberry, [email protected]



Has anyone come across a possible connection between the surname BUCE and BUIE? I have often come across an index listing the name BUCE, only to find that the actual record has the name BUIE. This is
especially true with the census for North Carolina and Georgia.

-contributed by [email protected]
April 12, 2002 9:13 PM

I have heard my father mention the last name of Law. I was told we were direct descendants from that surname. I wonder if this is the same Law. I will talk to him over the holidays, also our family bible was found while routing through some old boxes. It is not as old as some of those mentioned in prior discussions but it does date from 1919. It was given to my grandfather, Douglas Edwin Buce when he was a boy. He was the youngest of I believe nine children. His brother Walter (or Howard) was given the original family bible (I would love to have gotten my hands on that). I will check the names in the bible and ask my father what he may know of the surname Law.

-contributed by DESIREE BUCE, [email protected].

Hello all, I have not been as active with the Buce web site as I would like to be. I have not forgotten about my promise to send the information in our family bible (the bible was given to my granddad, Douglas Edwin Buce, by his grandmother) The bible is stored at my parents home and I have not had time to dig it out (it never should have been in storage in the first place). I do recall my father saying be believed my great-grandmothers name to be Sarah but do not quote me on that. I will be in touch as soon as I get the information.I am the Granddaughter of the late Douglas Edwin Buce of Georgia. He was born in 1919 or 1909. My father believes his grandmothers name was Sara or Sarah Buce. I will know for certain when I obtain the family bible from storage.

A quick note: Douglas Edwin Buce was the Uncle to Walter Howard Buce whom the memorial bridge is named after. Walter's father was Douglas's brother. I found the below link on the Internet. I believe it pertains to my father's cousin Walter H. Buce.
He died on his way to visit another cousin (Sandy Tilman, her mother was my grandfather Douglas E. Buce's sister)Walter's hobby was researching the Buce family's history. Also Sandy's family owned a farm house in Alabama, I believe they still own it. A Tilman/Buce family cemetery is located on the property.
Maybe this will help with someone's research. I had an Aunt named Lucille Buce, she was my grandfather's Sister. She married a gentleman named George, I'm not sure of her married name. She was residing in Georgia before she died. My Grandfather also had a cousin named William Buce that lived in Wilmington
Delaware. If any of this information is part of your family tree please let me know, with luck maybe someone can link my branch of the tree to there own.

-contributed by Desiree Buce, [email protected].

A cousin and I hired a researcher in Elmore County to research our Chapman, Estes, and Bartee families. She has gone about as far as she can with that. I told her that I wanted to find out more about my James and Buce families. She just wrote me and said that she went to the Archives and found a great deal of information on BUCE.

She found a will and some estate papers of John Buce in Tallapoosa County, AL. In the will, there is a Thomas BUCE named as a grandson of John BUCE. He was the son of William who is deceased at the time the will was written. John had at least 13 children and a couple were already deceased so it gives the grandchildren's names. She also found the marriage record for Thomas but his name was spelled "Bruce". We know it was Thomas BUCE because he married Mary Seats - on her death certificate, her father's name looked like Sugar Seato but on the marriage records, the last name is Seats.

This is the of the children of John Buce married a PORCH!!!! Maybe we are about to find the BUCE who ties us all - or part of us, at least - together!! She wants to go to Tallapoosa County and look for other papers that would have been filed with the will and estate papers. She knows they exist but were not in the archives. These papers might give us more names - of children and grandchildren. Keep your fingers crossed!!!

-contributed by Linda English, (old address: [email protected]), new address: [email protected]

I am seeking info on the "Buse" surname. My father was Lloyd Buse, son of Clovis & Minnie Merideth Buse. I know my grandfather had brothers, could this be the same branch you have info on? My grandfather was born 9/27/1891 and died 4/1968. I do not know what his parents names were. Just recently
found his DOB. My "Buse" line came from SC to MS to OK. They may be a totally different line than yours, however, my gr gr grandpa, Benjamin Buse married in Alabama, his wife, Elizabeth Barnett, was from GA. No one has been able to trace any farther back than Benjamin, I think the spelling was changed somewhere along the line, that may be why. Thanks!

- contributed by Ann Buse Gean,[email protected]

My first message to the group several weeks ago, through Susan, was an inquiry about my GGgrandparents, Drury Mote and Viney Buce who were married in 1829 in Meriwether Co. Ga. Since then I have found some things about Viney from a distant relative doing research on the Mote family. This includes connections to familiar names I have seen in the Group's messages.

Lavinia " Viney " Buce was born about 1810 in Ga. I suspect her father was John Buce, born in 1780. At any rate, I am told she was probably related to Bryant and John Buce who are shown in the Meriwether Co. Ga. area around the time of her marriage to Drury in 1829. Bryant witnessed several deeds for the Mote
family, as did John.Drury and Viney named three of their sons John, William, and Bryant.

Drury and Viney moved to Alabama after about 1837 and are listed in the Russell Co. census of 1840. In the 1850 and 1860 census, they are in Tallapoosa Co.Their youngest son, Bryant, married Mary E. Howell in 1868 in Tallapoosa C. William Porch was the Minister and bondsman. Ring any bells?

-contributed by Tom Mooney, [email protected]

hello my name is cw porch sherrod an celia buce porch where my 4 generation grand parents through byrant an sarah canadaporch line would love to here from youall new at this site an sure could use the help.
-contributed by Cliff Porch, [email protected]

I am looking for info on the family of Drury Mote b abt 1804 and Viney Buce b abt 1807 who married 6 Aug 1829 in Meriwether Co GA. They had a son James R Mote b abt 1831 GA. He married Mary Jane
Burson 11 Nov 1855 in Tallapoosa Co AL. Drury and Viney Mote are found in the 1850 Tallapoosa Co Al census listing their children as John, Riply, William. Sarah Ann, James, Jane, Bryant and Ezikah. I
think the Riply is my ancestor James R because the James listed is too young to have married in 1855. A family story is that Viney Buce was part Choctaw. Very interested in any connected Buce family
information. Thanks for any help.
- contributed by Cyndi Garrison, [email protected]

I am looking for information on Benjamin Thomas Buse b. 1843 in Cherokee Co. AL and died 18 Jun 1915 in Lee Co. MS. Benjamin married twice, first to Sparta Childers and had three children, Malvin, Amanda and Ada L. He married second to Sarah Elizabeth Thompson 26 Feb 1872 in Lee Co. MS. Benjamin was the son of Benjamin Buse and Elizabeth Barnett of SC and AL.

In the pension records for my Francis M. Thompson ( father of above Sarah Elizabeth Thompson) he says " The family bible and family history is in possession of my daughter Sarah and B.T. Buse in Mississippi". I would love to find that family bible!!! I am glad to share any information on this family, though admittedly I have very little. Amanda Buse married into the Hopkins family of which I have quite a bit of information on and I do have quite a bit on the Thompson line.

I know very little on my Buse line. I came across the name B.T. Buse, husband of Sarah E. Thompson d/o Francis M. Thompson and Caroline Edy Maples, in the pension records of Francis M. Thompson. That sent me off looking for the elusive B.T. Buse. Amanda Buse married a Hopkins as did the niece of Sarah E. Thompson, the same Hopkins line.... did that make sense? I've spent years researching the Hopkins, and am now, or have been for years, working on the Thompson line. Thank you for sending the Buse documents, I'm looking at them now. I'm also hoping to go to Salt Lake City in the next couple of months, I hope to turn up something more on Benjamin T. Buse there. I haven't found any records for him since his marriage record in 1872. I did find record of a Benjamin Buse who fought in the Civil War. That would of been before his marriage to Sarah.

-contributed by Cynthia Dahl, [email protected]

Belmont County OHIO 1850 Head of Household Census Index Submitted by Rick Allen.

B200 BUCE, John York Twp 53 B200
BUCE, Thomas B. York Twp 53



This is an alphabetical listing by Groom's sur-name. Please keep in mind this is a transcription and as such is subject to human error. The difference between word processing programs has translated the - as ©. Also the data had to be recovered from disk and some pieces may be missing. This will be corrected from hard copy ASAP. Garvin County Court Clerk, P.O. Box 239, Pauls Valley, OK 73075
[phone: (405) 238-5596] Search Fee is $10.00 but if you furnish them with the book and page number as provided here, cost is only $1.50 per copy. Money order or cashier's only - No personal checks - Send self addressed stamped envelope.. If you got to the court house in person and find the record yourself a non certified copy is $1.00

These dates may be the date the license was issued, or the actual date of marriage.

12©411 BUCE, WILLIE 28 ROADY, GERTIE 29 8DEC1924


Garvin County: Pauls Valley Demorcrat, Sunday, May 23, 1982
Nora Kay PETTIGREW, 79, died May 21 at Pauls Valley General Hospital. She was born October 2, 1902 in Indian Territory.
Burial at Mt. Olivet Cemetery.
Survivors include, four daughters, Pegge MCKEE, Vivian SULLIVAN, Ruth HOLT, Emma Jean FLOYD; four sons, John, Emanual, Forrest R., and Richard. Two sisters, Mrs. Mattie STEELE and Mrs. Gertie BUCE; one brother, Bill ROADY; 19 grandchildren and 23 great grandchildren.
This family researched by: Monica Lightfoot [email protected]


========================================================================== 1870 Clay County Indiana Census SURNAME GIVEN AGE BORN TWP PAGE =======================================================================

BUCE Robert 31 ENG CYBR 24

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Contact: Joyce Barnett <[email protected]>
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Contact: Elizabeth (Elloitt) Jones <[email protected]>

Contact: Fay Ratcliff <[email protected]>

ID: I05825 Name: Willie W. BUCE 1 1 Sex: M Birth: ABT. 1872 1 1

Marriage 1 Loula C. TABOR b: 2 JUL 1872 in Union, Louisiana
· Married: 22 NOV 1896 1


1. Title: Sir John Tabor.FTW
Call Number:
Media: Other
Note: Broderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 2, Ed. 4, Social Security Death Index: U.S., Social Security Death Index, Surnames from M through Z, Date of Import: Jun 28, 1996, Internal Ref. #

Contact: Walter Berg <[email protected]>
Contact: Walter Berg <[email protected]>
ID: I7863 Name: Willie W. BUCE Given Name: Willie W. Surname: Buce Sex: M Birth: ABT 1872

Marriage 1 Loula C. TABOR b: 2 JUL 1872 in Union Parish, LA
· Married: 22 NOV 1896


Contact: Dixie Smith <[email protected]>
Sources: Donna Thomas

Name: Bryant BUCE 1 2 Sex: M Change Date: 7 JUL 2002

Marriage 1 Matilda PARKER b: ABT 1813 in GA
2. Rachel Elizabeth BUCE b: 14 JUL 1830 in Merriweather Co., GA
3. June BUCE b: 1832
4. Sara BUCE b: 1834
5. James BUCE b: 1839
6. Matilda Ann BUCE b: 8 MAR 1841 in Titus Co., TX
7. Mary BUCE b: 1844
8. Georgia BUCE b: 1845
9. William BUCE b: 1848

Contact: Dixie Smith <[email protected]>
ID: I11902
Name: Rachel Elizabeth BUCE 1 2 Sex: F
Birth: 14 JUL 1830 in Merriweather Co., GA 3 4
Death: 12 FEB 1929
Burial: Sterling City, Sterling, TX

Father: Bryant BUCE
Mother: Matilda PARKER b: ABT 1813 in GA

Marriage 1 James Nicholas KELLIS b: 20 APR 1826 in Abbeville Dist., SC
· Married: 20 NOV 1849 in Shelby Co., TX 5 4
11. Augustus Josephus KELLIS b: 6 JAN 1855 in McLennan Co., TX
12. William Franklin KELLIS b: 15 MAR 1855 in Near Glade Springs, Titus, TX
13. Joseph Henry KELLIS b: 12 NOV 1850
14. Frances Elizabeth KELLIS b: 19 SEP 1863 in Wise Co., TX
15. John Favins KELLIS b: 1868
16. James N., Jr. KELLIS b: 1853
17. Van Walter KELLIS b: 1866
18. Mary Emma KELLIS b: 1859
19. Sarah Ella KELLIS b: 1861
20. Thomas Jefferson KELLIS b: 1870
21. Matilda Jane KELLIS b: 1872


Contact: Lowell Paul <[email protected]>

ID: I19272 Name: Bryant Buce Sex: M Birth: ABT. 1821

Marriage 1 Spouse Unknown
22. Matilda Ann Buce b: 8 Mar 1841 in Titus County, Texas


Name: Matilda Ann Buce
Sex: F
Birth: 8 Mar 1841 in Titus County, Texas
Death: 13 Dec 1917 in Kosse, Limestone County, Texas

Father: Bryant Buce b: ABT. 1821

Marriage 1 John Garrett Ainsworth b: 16 Oct 1837 in Simpson County, Mississippi
Married: 8 Jan 1861 in Centralia, Trinity County, Texas
23. Ainsworth
24. Mary Ella Ainsworth b: Dec 1864 in Trinity County, Texas
25. Sarah Jennie Ainsworth b: 1866 in Trinity County, Texas
26. Vinora Ann Ainsworth b: 28 Dec 1868 in Centralia, Trinity County, Texas
27. Laura Melissa Ainsworth b: Mar 1873 in Trinity County, Texas
28. James Alfred Ainsworth b: 1875 in Trinity County, Texas
29. Mattie A'Della Ainsworth b: 1878 in Trinity County, Texas


Contact: Benjamin Bunting <[email protected]>

Name: Bryan BUCE
Sex: M

Marriage 1 Spouse Unknown
30. Matilda Ann ANNIE BUCE
b: 8 MAR 1841 in Titus Co Texas


Contact: Alice Gedge <[email protected]>

Name: BUCE Sex: F
Marriage 1 Joseph RICHARDSON b: 19 Sep 1708 in , Maryland

Contact: Patricia O'Boylan
[email protected]>

Name: Bertha O. BUCE Sex: F
Birth: 1898
Death: 1960 in Siloam Springs, Benton County, Arkansas
bu: Oak Hill Cemetery

Marriage 1 Steve ANDERSON b: 17 Dec 1894

Contact: Kelli Bippert <[email protected]>
ID: I247 Name: Celia BUCE Sex: F

Marriage 1 Sherrod PORCH
31. Mahala PORCH b: ABT. 1822 in Georgia
Contact: Kelli Bippert <[email protected]>
ID: I401 Name: John BUCE Sex: M

Marriage 1 Rutha SMITH b: BET. 1770 - 1790

Contact: Jack May <[email protected]>
ID: I2253 Name: Celia BUCE Sex: F Birth: ABT. 1800 Death: 23 Dec 1874

Marriage 1 Sherrod PORCH
32. Mahala PORCH b: ABT. 1822

Marriage 2 Sherrod PORCH b: 1783
· Married: 1 Dec 1816 in Clarke County, Georgia
6. Josephine Hardie PORCH b: 1826
7. William PORCH b: ABT. 1820
8. Sarah PORCH b: ABT. 1825
9. Bryant PORCH b: 1831
10. John PORCH b: 1833
11. Nancy PORCH b: ABT. 1834
Contact: claire ammerman <[email protected]>
ID: I105184792 Name: Celia BUCE Given Name: Celia Surname: Buce Sex: F Birth: Abt 1800 Death: 23 Dec 1874 Change Date: 23 Mar 2002 1

Marriage 1 Sherrod POUCH b: 1783
33. Josephine H. POUCH b: 1826

Contact: Unknown <[email protected]>
ID: I300 Name: Celia BUCE Sex: F ANCI: GA Tallapoosa, AL

Marriage 1 Sherrod PORCH
34. Mahala PORCH

Contact: William Neinast <[email protected]>

ID: I1096 Name: Celia BUCE 1 Sex: F Birth: 1800 in GA 1 Death: 23 DEC 1874 in , Tallapoosa, AL Death: 23 DEC 1874 in Tallapoosa, AL 1

Marriage 1 Sherrod PORCH b: 1798
· Married: 1 DEC 1816 in , Clarke, GA
· Married: 1 DEC 1816 in Clarke, GA 1
35. William PORCH b: ABT. 1821
36. Mahala PORCH b: 1822 in GA
37. Sarah PORCH b: BET. 1823 - 1825
38. Female PORCH b: BET. 1825 - 1828
39. Harty? PORCH b: BET. 1825 - 1828
40. John PORCH b: 1829
41. Male PORCH b: 1830
42. Bryant Percil PORCH b: 5 APR 1831 in , Meriwether, GA
43. Male PORCH b: BET. 1832 - 1833
44. Nancy PORCH b: 1834



Great job on the Buce website. Have a few corrections on Celia Buce Porch
Family Group.

Child #1
William Porch who married Susan Canada is not the same William as is buried
in Midway Cemetery in Coleman County, Texas. That William is the son of John
Porch, who married Mary Ann Worrant(Ward?). As far as I know, William Porch,
son of Celia, never left Tallapoosa County. No known children.

Child #2
Mahala Porch married Samuel Gray Jr. on 19 August 1842 in Tallapoosa County.
She was born about 1822 and died between 1855 and 1860, buried in Red Ridge
Cemetery, Tallapoosa County, Alabama under small hut (picture available upon

Child #3
Josephine Harty Porch married 15 June 1848 in Tallapoosa County, Alabama to
William McBurnett and living in Grant County, Arkansas in 1870. Children:
Nancy MCBURNETT, born abt 1848
William MCBURNETT, born abt 1849
John MCBURNETT, born abt 1851
Georgia MCBURNETT, born abt 1853
Levi MCBURNETT, born abt 1857
Sally MCBURNETT, born abt 1859
James MCBURNETT, born abt 1868
Allice MCBURNETT, born abt 1869

Child #4
Sarah Porch, I think, died between 1857 and 1860 as her husband is enumerated
with Milly starting in 1860.
Known children of Sarah and William Vineyard:
Martha Jane VINEYARD, born about 1855, living with William and Margaret in
1860 and 1870
Sarah M. VINEYARD, born about 1857

Child #5
Male child, nothing known of this child, only known mention is on 1840
census. This is not Paul "Buddy" Porch as suggested. This Paul Porch is son
of John Porch and Mary Ann Worrant(Ward?)

Child #6
Bryant Porch, not Bryant Percil Porch as earlier suspected, married Sarah Ann
Canada on 29 January 1852 in Tallapoosa County, Alabama. Sarah Ann was niece
of Susan Canada Porch, wife of William Porch. Moved to Runnels/Coleman
County, Texas. Children of Bryant and Sarah:
Edward J. PORCH, born 1854, married Martha A. Collins
Sherrod PORCH, born 18 May 1856, died 23 August 1857, buried Red Ridge
Cemetery, Tallapoosa County
Dilley PORCH, born 18 January 1858, died 28 October 1858, buried Red
Ridge Cemetery, Tallapoosa County
Josephine PORCH, born 1859
Sarah A. PORCH, born 14 May 1864, died 29 September 1872, buried Red
Ridge Cemetery, Tallapoosa County
Bryant Jr. PORCH, born 1865, married Linnie Catherine Burson
William P. PORCH, born 06 June 1866, died 29 September 1872, buried Red
Ridge Cemetery, Tallapoosa County
Thomas J. PORCH, born 1867, married Lena Arminta Borders
D.C. (Dock) PORCH, born 1870, married Ann Irene Gamble
Lucy Emma PORCH, born 1872, married Rufus Bishop
Dora Lee PORCH, born 1875, married Seaborn W. Babston
Bell PORCH, born 1877

Child #7
John Porch was born on 27 October 1833 in Georgia, probably Meriwether
County. He married in Tallapoosa County, Alabama to Mary Ann Ward (Worrant on
marriage record) on 25 October 1849. Mary was born about 1830 in Georgia
also, possibly the daughter of Nathan and Martha Canada Ward. Moved to
Runnels/Coleman County, Texas.
Known children:
Sherrod R. PORCH, born 1850, married Mary Gray
Paul PORCH, born 1851, married Nancy E. Gray (Pace)
Thenie PORCH, probably born about 1854, died childhood, probably buried
Red Ridge Cemetery(see note below)
Georgia Ann PORCH, born 1856, married William M. Vinyard
William M. PORCH, born 1858, married Narcissus Gray

Child #8
Nancy Porch married Joseph Vineyard on 04 December 1851 in Tallapoosa County,
Alabama. More information desired on this family.

Hope this helps. Also, the website reference link is not current. The Tallapoosa County Connections site has made the move to Rootsweb as well. You can view it at

Incidently, there are pictures of Bryant Porch, child #6 of Celia Buce Porch, and his wife Sarah Ann Canada on the photos page.

Anybody else have any additional information on this family feel free to contact me. Also, I have included a section on the Buce family. Although it's not my direct line, I felt it necessary to add it to the "Connections" site. Feel free to look that section over as well and let me know of any additions or corrections to it as well.


Terry Jenkins
Webmaster - Tallapoosa County Connections


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From: Kay Davis [SMTP:[email protected]]
Sent: Wednesday, July 24, 2002 6:30 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Re: BUCE genealogy

Hi Susan,

Glad to hear from you. My husband is the Buce relative, but I do the genealogy work. I've worked on both of our lines since the early 80's, but still find more every month.

Richard (my husband) is the son of Vern E. Davis, who was son of Henry Davis and Fannie Kellis, and she was the daughter of James N. Kellis and wife Rachel Elizabeth Buce. Rachel E. Buce was b. in Merriwether Co, GA 14 Jul 1830 to Bryant Buce/Bruce and Matilda Parker. She m. J. N. Kellis on 10 Oct. 1849 in Shelby Co, TX. She had met him earlier in Tallapoosa Co, AL

Bryant Bruce was b. 1806 in GA and Matilda Parker was b. 1813 in GA.
They married ca. 1827-29 in Meriwether Co, GA. Their other children
besides Rachel E. Buce included:
Jane - b. 1832Meriwether Co, GA; Sary - 1836 Meriwether Co, GA; James
J. - b. 1839 Tallapoosa Co, GA; Matilda Ann, b. 1842-Tallapoosa Co, AL;
Mary E. - b. 1844 Tallapoosa Co, AL; Georgianna (George Ann) - b. 1845 -
Tallapoosa Co, GA;
William B. (surname Bruce) - b. 1848 - Shelby Co, TX. [William m.1.
Rachel G. Jones on 15 Jan. 1879 in Hill Co, TX; he m.2 Frances Lockett];
John - b. 1851 - TX, and Alfred M. - b. 1852 - TX. Following Matilda
Parker Buce's death, Bryant Buce m.2 - Mrs. Nancy Robinson, and m.3 Mrs.
Lydia Benton (no known children by either.)

Bryant Bruce was probably the son of John Bruce Sr. who w. b. ca.
1780-90 and was in Tallapoosa Co, AL by 1840.
Other children of John Sr. probably included Livina (Viney/Viny) - b.
1807 GA; John Buce Jr. - b. ca, 1810 and m. Cornelia Hight; Saleah
(Celia); and Kilgion.

John Bruce Sr. was probably the son of Ambrose Bruce who m. Nancy Bryant
- b. 8 Nov. 1793 in Bedford Co, VA.

Ambrose Bruce was the son of William Bruce.

Some of this is secondary resource, part by family tradition, and part conjecture on my part. Many birthdates are from census records.

Reportedly the Bruce name was changed to Buce because of religious persecution issues. The line supposedly traces back to Robert the Bruce who if I recall was a Scottish royal who was a Protestant leader and pulled away from the Catholic church. Sorry but I'm a little fuzzy on the history.

If you have any idea of who you descend from, I would like to know what you've found as well. If it looks like we have research in common, please let me know. Hope to hear from you, and thanks for answering my message.

Kay W. Davis
Willow Park, TX

Contact: Bill Hamm <[email protected]>
Name: Carl Allen Buce Sex: M

Marriage 1 Karol Ann Konop Sullivan
45. Mark Allen Buce

Contact: KENNETH SMITH <[email protected]>



Contact: Penny Harman <[email protected]>
Contact: Theresa <[email protected]>
Contact: Sherril K Miller <[email protected]>
Contact: william orton <[email protected]>

ID: I0943 Name: Edna Mae BUCE
Birth: 16 AUG 1889
in Columbia, Missouri
Death: 22 Jul 1974
jefferson square ottumwa, ia. buried eldon, ia.

Father: Neil BUCE
Mother: Ann COLLINS

Marriage 1 William Porter NEVINS
b: 13 APR 1876 in Columbia, Boone CO, MO (near Columbus, MO)
· Married: 26 MAR 1927 in Cedar Rapids, IA
(conflicting info from one source lists: mar 20 1926 2nd mar of w p nevins )

Contact: Lorene Jones <[email protected]>

Name: W Lee BUCE Sex: M

Marriage 1 Sarah PARKER b: 16 OCT 1877
50. William Leslie BUCE b: 29 DEC 1899
51. Eula Mae BUCE

Contact: Becky Teubner <[email protected]>

ID: I34793 Name: John Buce Sex: M

Marriage 1 Tabitha Maria Parker b: ABT 1830 in Bennington Co., VT
· Married: AFT 1880 1


52. 1880 Adams Twp., Delaware Co., IA census

Contact: Barbara Hathaway <[email protected]>
ID: I10569 Name: Lavina BUCE Sex: F ALIA: /Viney/ Birth: 1807 in Georgia 1 Census: 1850 Tallapoosa Co. Alabama Event: Census # 2 1860 Tallapoosa Co. Alabama Event: Census # 3 1870 Chauahatchu P. O., Elmore Co., Alabma, p. 110

Marriage 1 Drury MOTE b: 1804 in Georgia
· Married: 6 AUG 1829 in Meriwether Co., Georgia 2 3
53. John MOTE b: 1829 in Georgia
54. James Ripley MOTE b: ABT. 1832 in Alabama
55. William MOTE b: 1836 in Georgia
56. Ezekiah MOTE b: 1837 in Alabama
57. Sarah MOTE b: 1839 in Alabama
58. James MOTE b: 1842 in Alabama
59. Jane MOTE b: 1845 in Alabama
60. Bryant MOTE b: 1848 in Alabama


12. Title: 1850 Tallapoosa County Alabama Census
Text: Dwelling no. 864, Family no. 864
13. Title: Cyndi Garrison at ... [email protected]
14. Title: Meriwether Co., Georgia Marriages from 1828 to 1844
Contact: Carole King Murray <[email protected]>

ID: I104684455 Name: William Alvin BUCE Given Name: William Alvin Surname: Buce Sex: M

Marriage 1 Cynthia Lucinda BOHANAN b: 13 Nov 1859 in Madison, Arkansas
(note: this genealogist had inadvertantly listed the mother-in-law as the wife.)

Sherry S. Finchum <[email protected]>

ID: I13109 Name: Wanda Jeanette BUCE Given Name: Wanda Jeanette Surname: Buce Sex: F Birth: 16 JUL 1927 in Baldwyn,Lee,MS Death: 8 FEB 1998 Burial: Saltillo,Lee,MS Reference Number: S F Davis Note: Jeanette has children from previous marriage Change Date: 7 SEP 2000 at 01:00:00

Marriage 1 Leroy Alton DAVIS
61. Gale LETSON
62. Billie LETSON
63. Marie LETSON

Contact: Darby Frantz <[email protected]>

ID: I03192 Name: Wanda Jeanette BUCE Sex: F Birth: 16 JUL 1927 in Baldwyn, Lee, MS Death: 8 FEB 1998 Burial: Fellowship Cem, Saltillo, Lee, MS

Father: Living BUCE
Mother: Living


Contact: Dwaine Basham <[email protected]>

ID: I23296 Name: Wanda Jeanette BUCE Sex: F Birth: 16 JUL 1927 in Baldwyn, Lee Co., Mississippi Death: 8 FEB 1998 Burial: Fellowship Cem., Saltillo, Lee Co., Mississippi Note: Correspondence from Mike Davidson 3/5/2000 <[email protected]>

Marriage 1 Living DAVIS
64. Living LETSON
65. Living LETSON
66. Living LETSON

Contact: Bill Taylor <[email protected]>

ID: I1941 Name: Sarah Elizabeth BUCE 1 Sex: F Birth: 15 MAY 1782 1 Reference Number: ID1941

Marriage 1 John BRYAN b: 7 MAR 1780 in Rowan Co., NC
72. Abner BRYAN b: 17 JAN 1804
73. Mathew Bucie BRYAN b: 23 OCT 1805
74. David Barton BRYAN b: 4 AUG 1807
75. Enoch BRYAN b: 22 MAR 1810
76. John Morgan BRYAN b: 2 MAR 1812
77. Joseph Wilson BRYAN b: 4 MAR 1814
78. William Howard BRYAN b: 3 MAR 1816
79. Sarah Elizabeth BRYAN b: 28 SEP 1820
80. James I. G. BRYAN b: 8 MAR 1821
81. Isham BRYAN b: 18 MAR 1823
82. Marcus Lafayette BRYAN b: 31 DEC 1824

Contact: Douglas Deal <[email protected]>

ID: I16407
Name: Lulu BUCE Surname: Buce Given Name: Lulu
Sex: F

Marriage 1 Daniel MILLS
83. Nellie Marie MILLS b: 1 Nov 1909 in Sprague, Lincoln Co., NE.

Contact: Russell Davis <[email protected]>

ID: I07085 Name: Martha Angeline Buce 1 Sex: F Death: 24 OCT 1881 in Barry County, Missouri 1

Marriage 1 Jesse Wilson Clearwaters b: 9 SEP 1841 in Putnamville, Putnam County, Indiana
· Married: AUG 1867 in Carroll County, Iowa 1

Sources: Genealogical Research of Nellie Faye (Riley) Davis


1885 Custer County, Colorado State Census

Index to Heads of Households and Individuals with Surnames Different Than the Head of the Household
Name -- Precinct -- Census Page #
Buce, William -- Enumeration District #2 -- 42

Searching for BUCE surname:
Kay Davis [email protected]

Obion Co., TN
Author: Kay Davis Date: 24 Oct 1999 12:00 PM GMT
Surnames: Davis, Kendall, Kellis, Buce
Classification: Query
Searching for parents and/or siblings of Francis Asberry Davis, b. 1821 Obion Co, TN. Cannot locate between birth year and 1850 when he appears married to Rebecca Kendall in the Dade Co, MO census. Could our Davises be brothers?

Osvaldo Vallejo [SMTP:[email protected]]
Sent: Monday, September 16, 2002 12:45 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Hello from Uruguay !!!
Hello Susan !!
How are you?

Answering your question, i can tell you that my mother´s grandfather´s name is "Felipe Buse ", he was born in Salto, Uruguay in "1890 or 1902", and he die in Montevideo, Uruguay in "1972 or 1973 ", his wife name is "Clotilde Da Silva ", his sons are "Enrique Roman"(die in 1997, he is a my grandfather); "Alba Gladys"(she die); "Violeta"(she die) and "Carlos Roberto"(i don´t know he live).

I don´t know birth dates and marriage dates of my mother´s grandfather. My grandparent don´t live, and my oldest family member is my mother. She doesn´t remember very well her grandfather and grandmather, no stories, no clues.

All depends on what i can find about them.

I do pronunce "BUSE" in the same way, it´s write in spanish.

Uruguay is a smallest republic in south america betwen Argentina and Brasil.
It has a fine climate with the wins of the ocean modifiying the temperature.
This is a republic with a president , vicepresident, an appointed cabinet and two house elective legislature, the monetary unit is a PESO ($) ( $ 30.00 = 1 u$S one dollar) and the native language is Spanish.

Since the spanish brought sheep and catlle to the grassy plains of Uruguay in the 17th. century,today it is one of the moust important meat producers of the world.Of the mmajor products are wheat , corn, rice, citrus, fruits, peaches, grapes, vegetables, tobacco, sheep, catlle and "very well WINES"
Nowadays beacuse of the latinoamerican crisis the products manufatured and comerce, it´s benn reduce.

My town is Montevideo, (not montevideo in minessota)Capital of Uruguay, the city has very beautiful beaches, in the city Here lives 1.5 million of people, in all country live 3.0 million.
The most important river are " Rio de la Plata"(conected with Atlantic ocean)
In two hours on boat we can be in Buenos Aires , Argentina .
My city is very beautiful !!!
"Ojala algún dia puedas visitarnos y conocer la ciudad"
I look forward hearing from you .
Thank you, Osvaldo Vallejo Buse, [email protected], Montevideo, Uruguay




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