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This data is provided through the efforts of a consortium of researches whose goal is to compile an accurate history of the contributions to the development of our nation made by the descendants of these founding fathers. If you would like to contribute to this project, please email Richard Bucknum at pdxdick@hotmail.com.
1620: William Brewster immigrated aboard Mayflower to Plymouth, MA.
1620: James Chilton immigrated aboard Mayflower to Plymouth, MA.
1620: Francis Cooke immigrated aboard Mayflower to Plymouth, MA.
1621: Thomas Prence immigrated aboard Fortune to Plymouth, MA.
1621: John Winslow immigrated aboard Fortune to Plymouth, MA.
1623: Edward Bangs immigrated aboard Anne to Plymouth, MA.
1623: Experience Mitchell immigrated aboard Anne to Plymouth, MA.
1624: Walter Knight immigrated aboard Zouch Phenix to Salem, MA.
1630: Thomas Gridley immigrated aboard Griffin to Boston, MA.
1630: Jan Goes was a trumpeter at Fort Rensselaerwyck, NY.
1632: Richardine, widow of Thomas Curtis, and her husband Thomas Chambers were taxed at Scituate, MA.
1633: Richard Sares was taxed at Plymouth, MA.
1633: Richard Sparrow made several loans to residents of Plymouth, MA.
1633: Edmund Hobart was admitted as an inhabitant of Charlestown, MA.
1633: William Beamsley had a child baptized in Boston, MA.
1633: Giles Gibbs was admitted freeman at Boston, MA.
1633: John Washburn sued Edward Doty in Plymouth, MA.
1634: Thomas Judd was taxed at Cambridge, MA.
1635: James Howe and Elizabeth were admitted to the Church at Roxbury, MA.
1635: John Dane was mentioned as an abutting property owner in a deed at Ipswich, MA.
1635: Edmund Freeman immigrated aboard Abigail to Salem, MA.
1635: William Wilson was admitted to the church at Boston, MA.
1635: Henry Fowkes was admitted freeman at Dorchester, MA.
1635: Matthew Marvynn immigrated aboard Increase to Hartford, CT.
1635: Roger Preston immigrated aboard Elizabeth to Lynn, MA.
1636: William Swyft mortgaged his land in Watertown, MA.
1636: Robert Lord was admitted freeman at Boston, MA.
1637: Thomas Burge was granted land in Duxbury, MA.
1638: John Fairfield purchased a house lot in Salem, MA.
1638: George Willard took Oath of Allegiance at Scituate, MA.
1638: Joseph Loomis immigrated aboard Susan and Ellen to Boston, MA.
1638: Michiel Vreelant immigrated aboard Het Wapen van Norwegen to New Amsterdam, NY.
1638: Teunis Van Vechten immigrated aboard Het Wapen van Norwegen to New Amsterdam, NY.
1638: Abraham Van Deusen was the First Miller at New Amsterdam, NY.
1639: Edmond Faulkner immigrated aboard Joan & Ann to Salem, MA.
1639: Robert Barnard married Joan Harvey in Salisbury, MA.
1639: Jan Van Husum was Commisioner of Lands for Dutch West India Company at New Amsterdam, NY.
1640: Robert Latham was a resident of Reverend Thomas Shepard's household at Cambridge, MA.
1640: Richard Banks was taxed at Scituate, MA.
1641: Richard North was admitted freeman at Salisbury, MA.
1643: John Marble married Judith in Charlestown, MA.
1643: John Choate immigrated to Ipswich, MA.
1643: George Martin purchased land in Salisbury, MA.
1644: Sarah, widow Perry, was taxed in Sandwich, MA.
1644: William Guttason held a share of Plum Island, MA.
1650s: Geertruy Jeronemus, widow Hoffmeyer, was a resident of Rensselaerwyck, NY.
1651: Caspar Halenbeck took the Oath of Allegiance at Rensselaerwyck, NY.
1652: John Buckman accepted a debt of his father-in-law, William Butler, at Lynn, MA.
1654: Richard Bronson was admitted to the church at Farmington, CT.
1657: John Clark sold land at Farmington, CT.
1658: Samuel Graves had a child born in Ipswich, MA.
1662: Jan Spoor purchased land at Catskill, NY.
1666: William Blackmore married Elizabeth Curtis at Scituate, MA.
1697: Peter Legro was serving in the Colonial Militia.
1771: David Crossman married Cornelia Spoor at Great Barrington, MA.
1772: Daniel McMillen was born in NY.
1773: Sarah Oliver was born in PA.
1820: Richard Bird, born in PA, was living at Sycamore, Hamilton County, OH.
1836: Benjamin Parks sold land at Dover, Dutchess County, NY.
1889: Kathleen Leane immigrated to Canada.
1891: Elias Williams, whose father owned Langford Opera House, married Maybel Bird in Groton, SD.

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