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Trying to find more information on Bernhard Heinrich Budde, born August 25, 1786 in Emsburen-Ahlde Germany, who came to the USA with his wife Anna Margaretha Rotting or Kotting born about 1800 in Emsburen and his sons Bernhard Everhard Budde,born on May 22, 1815 in Emsburen-Drievorden Germany and Bernhard Heinrich Budde born January 1, 1823 in Emsburen-Drievorden Germany. Also a daughter Euphemia Catharina Budde born July 25, 1827 in Emsburen-Drievorden who came to the USA with them. We believe that Euphemia Catharina Budde may be the Catharine Budden who married Harmon Miller at Sinsinawa WIsconsin and when he died she married Johann Hermann Hoppmann.

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