Ancestors of William Hooper

William "Buddy" Hooper's Ancestors

Hooper Family History Absalom Hooper Absalom Hooper was born between 1757 and 1764 in South Carolina. He fought and was wounded during the Revolutionary War. He was captured and escaped to Georgia where he met and married Sarah Salers about 1780. Over a span of twenty-four years Absalom and Sarah had 12 children. Absalom died in 1845 and Sarah died in 1857. They are buried at East LaPorte Cemetery, near Cullowhee, North Carolina. This is just about 30 miles south of Cherokee, North Carolina. Andrew Hooper Andrew Hooper was the 5th child born to Absalom and Sarah. He was born in 1792 in Georgia. When he was 18 he and the family moved to North Carolina and lived in Old Buncombe County. He volunteered into the army during the war with Great Britain in 1812. Andrew married first Dicea maiden name unknown. Their first child was born in 1819 his name was Jonathan this is our Grandpa Sam’s Grandpa. Around 1840 the family moved back to Georgia and settled in Union County. Dicea died in 1847 in Union County, Georgia. Andrew died in March of 1849 and is buried in Enota Cemetery in Hiawasse Georgia. This was the old Hooper Cemetery with many Hoopers being buried there even up to recent years. Jonathan Hooper Jonathan Hooper the first child of Andrew was born in 1819. At the age of 33 on February 9, 1854 he married Lousinda Barrett age 17. They lived on Fodder Creek but later move to Alf Cove now known as Green Cove. Jonathan and Lousinda made their living as farmers. According to family tradition Lousinda was of Cherokee Indian decent. She was known for her stubborn independence. While young she was very ambitious. A story is told of Lousinda killing a bear near her log cabin, Lousinda killed the bear with an ax. A daughter is also said to have killed a bear with a sharp piece of wood. Jonathan was said to be small in stature and cripple. He was said to be a kind and patient man. A story passed down tells of him and Lousinda traveling long ago. When they stopped at a home to rest Jonathan an old man was crying. When asked, why are you crying? Lousinda explained it was because they had to break up housekeeping. It is said at this time it was Jonathan’s wish to go to Tellico Plains, Tennessee. Lousinda moved to Catoosa County, Georgia this is where Ringold is. Jonathan died between 1880 and 1885 no one knows where he is buried. Lousinda died January 6th 1911 and is buried in Woodstation Cemetery 6 miles south of Ringold on Highway 151. Her monument reads “She believeth and Sleeps in Jesus”. Allen Hooper Jonathan and Lousinda had 10 children with the youngest son being named Allen Ulysses Hooper. Allen was born April 11, 1872 in Towns County, Georgia. Allen’s full name according to a family bible is Allen Ulysses Thaddeus Van Buren Hooper. When a young boy Allen lived with the Cherokee Indians possibly some of his mothers people. He married Nancy Elizabeth Baily in 1891. Lizzie as she was called was born in Tennessee possibly near what is now Gatlinburg. According to her death certificate her Fathers name was Kin Baily and her Mothers name was Nancy, maiden name unknown. At the beginning of their marriage Allen and Lizzie lived in Sevier and Jefferson County Tennessee. They made their living as farmers. In 1910 they were living in Ringold, Georgia in the Wood Station Community. Census records show they had one hundred and fifteen acres of land. In 1912 they left Georgia after selling the farm to Allen’s brother Gus for 500 dollars and a milk cow. The family made several moves during the following years. Each move meant loading the wagon with all their furniture and possessions. Children often walked behind the wagon to make the load lighter and to lead the livestock. They slept wherever they could find shelter and often cooked on an open fire along the way. Rabbits, squirrels and fish caught from a stream was the family meal. Allen and his family settled in Blount County after leaving Georgia. Some say they wanted to move to Texas others say Florida, but settled in Alabama after a son fell from a wagon and broke his leg. In 1915 they were living in Section, AL in Jackson County, but the following year moved to Cullman, County and settled near Zion Grove Community. In 1920 they went back to Jackson County and lived on Guntersville Mountain Area. Returning to Cullman in 1923 to the Zion Grove Community. In 1936-38 they built their first home near Redan Church. They lived in this area until their deaths. Allen was a man of many trades. He loved to make or build things with his hands. Besides farming he made chairs and weaved baskets of different sizes. He made handles for all farm tools, raised his own tobacco and always took great delight in growing food for the family. Lizzie was a small person who stood about five feet tall. She was a kind and patient lady who worked hard to help provide for her family. Besides working in the fields each year she filled many jars of vegetables and fruits for the winter months. She hand pieced quilts and made clothing for her family. I am very grateful that I knew both Grandpa and Grandma Hooper when I was a young boy. The memories of them will always be with me. Everytime we would visit them they would remind me of when they used to baby-sit me while mama and daddy worked in the fields. I remember them as being kind and loving. Quote of “Buddy Hooper” Elizabeth died August 6th 1955 and Allen died October 5th 1961. Both are buried in Union Grove Cemetery in Cullman County Alabama.

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