Martha Ellen [Cobb] McCaskey
and group

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Martha Ellen[ Cobb] McCaskey is the older lady, in the center of the picture.

If any family members should view this picture and can help identify the others, I'd appreciate it.

I have no Idea what year this was taken. I could guess about 1920.

Maybe someone can help with the date also.

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Extreme front, left, I think, is: MAGGIE MCCASKEY who later married Dave Carpenter and Herman Dennis. Next row left to right: OLEAN HARRIS who later married Earl Cook, VIOLET [CANTRELL] SMITH, [married to Jim Smith] Martha's daughter by her first marriage to John Cantrell, MARTHA ELLEN [COBB] [CANTRELL] MCCASKEY, MARY AND CLARA SMITH [twin girls and daughters of Jim and Violet Smith. The boys in the back row are still unidentified but are believed to be children of Jim and Violet Smith.

One of the twins, Clara, died in her teens. The other, Mary, later married Paul Kennan.

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