More Sageeyah pictures

about 1918

Sorry, I can't show you a larger version - These are the largest I have available.

Sageeyah Baptist Church abt. 1918. I can't identify anyone in this picture but this was at the time our friends Lila and Fred Moree were attending church here. They attended here for 50 or 60 years afterward too.

The church looks old even then.

Sageeyah Baptist church - same day as above. Lila Moree is the lady on the far right.

Lila let me copy these old newspaper pictures many years ago. I wish I had ask more questions about them while she was alive.

Sageeyah Area about 1918. I think the man on the left is Fred Moree.

These pictures were from some newspaper - don't know which one. If it was the Claremore Progress, they might have some better copies of these pictures that they would let me use here.

The Claremore Mound as it appeared about 1918. Today it is covered with trees and various vegetation. I ask Lila why it was so bare back then and she said it was because of wild fires that went through regularly.

About 1918 before the road was paved through Sageeyah. I think this is where old HW 88 curves from going north to the west. I can recall the old railroad section house on the right. Note the Claremore Mound behind it. This would have been the section of road that went past the Sageeyah store and the two churches and a few houses in that area.

It seems there was some sort of effort underway to build a town and sell lots in Sageeyah around 1918.

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