Merle and Charles Seigal


Merle and Charles Seigal with their Grandma Jessie Fisher

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Many thanks to Merle Seigal for sending these pictures of himself and his brother, Charles.  The photo on the left shows Merle at about age five or six and his brother a couple years younger. This was taken at their farm near Catoosa some time before their move to Sageeyah.

The picture on the right is, left to right, Charles Seigal, Grandma Jessie Fisher, and Merle Seigal, taken at their Sageeyah home near Sweetwater Creek around 1941 / 42 . . . over 60 years ago.

I have been in phone contact with Merle recently and we have enjoyed talking over the old days at Sageeyah school where we both attended.  Merle now lives in Oregon.

I'm hoping to get Merle to re-write the text on this page to get more detailed information, in the near future.


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