Aubrey, Dixie and Others

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At this time there are only two in this group that I'm sure of and that is David Aubrey Sessions and Dixie Criswell. I'll try to get other names ASAP.

David Aubrey Sessions, third from right [deceased - no dates available]. He went by Aubrey or Beau at that time. He was a son of Lois and Kate Carpenter-Sessions. Kate was a daughter of Amos and Florence [Harman] Carpenter.

Dixie Criswell, far right [1924], daughter of Solon and Ila [Carpenter] Criswell. Ila was a daughter of Amos and Florence [Harman]Carpenter

Picture taken about 1941. If anyone has a better date or more information or corrections, please send an E-mail to Jim at the address given on the Home page.