Louise Glover and Richard Dees in 1950

Many thanks to Nell [Glover] Serino for contributing this picture. . . . a glimpse into the past.

Pictured are Louise Glover and Richard Dees some time before they were married. This was taken at "The Little House on the Mound". . . well, would you believe, at the foot of the mound. It was a rock house and sat [as well as I remember] just on the slope of the Claremore mound. It has been gone many years. I have hopes of getting a picture of the whole house sometime in the future. I can't recall ever being in or around the house but I do remember seeing it from a distance. Wife, Laura Ann, has actually spent a night in the house when one of her girl friends lived there. She has a story to tell about that night. Well, I hope I have rambled on long enough for the picture to have time to load. Have a look.

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