Group in front yard at the home of Peeler and Ila Brakebill
Claremore, OK about 1953

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Left to Right front row:
Dixie [Criswell] McCombs, [1924], daughter of James Solon & Ila Maud [Carpenter] Criswell and wife of Wadie McCombs
Julia Maria [Carpenter] Harman [1873 -1956, daughter of James Anderson and Julia [Carr] Carpenter and wife of William C. Harman, son of Job & Catherine [Mallow] Harman
Florence Jemima [Harman] Carpenter, [1871 - 1955, daughter of Job and Catherine [Mallow] Harman and wife of Amos Pitts Carpenter.
Ila Maud [Carpenter] [Criswell] Brakebill, [1904 -1994], daughter of Amos Pitts &Florence [Harman] Carpenter

Back Row, Left to Right:
Dick Stacey, husband of Vera [Criswell] [Bacon] Stacey. Dick died in 1973.
James Peeler Brakebill, [1901 -1985], husband of Ila [Carpenter], [Criswell], Brakebill

Note: Julia [Carpenter] Harman was a sister of Amos Pitts Carpenter and Florence [Harman] Carpenter was a sister of William C. Harman. This resulted in some double cousins.

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