Darrell, David, Wayne, Evelyn

About 1953

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Left to Right: Darrell Hanes, David Carpenter, Wayne McCombs, Evelyn Montgomery

Darrell Hanes, born Feb. 19, 1947, is the son of Joseph Hanes and Marjorie [Carpenter] [Hanes] Montgomery.  Marjorie is the daughter of Dave and Maggie [McCaskey] Carpenter. Dave Carpenter was the youngest child of Amos and Florence [Harman] Carpenter.

David A. Carpenter, Jr, born Nov. 27, 1947, is the youngest child of Dave and Maggie [McCaskey] Carpenter. Maggie was the youngest daughter of William and Martha [Cobb] McCaskey

Wayne McCombs, born Sept. 10, 1952 is the first child of Wadie and Dixie [Criswell] McCombs.

Evelyn Montgomery, born Jan. 4, 1950, is the first child of Percy and Marjorie [Carpenter] [Hanes] Montgomery.

This picture was taken in the front yard at the home of Ila and Peeler Brakebill at 708 N. Catalayah in Claremore, OK. That street is now HW 66, also known as Lynn Riggs Blvd. and is all commercial property. I'm guessing at the year as being 1953, by the age of the children. It might have been 1954. If anyone knows a better date, please let me know. Send me an E-mail at the address on the HOME Page. . . . Jim

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