McCaskey Family Reunion

Thursday, August 27, 1953.

Location was Will Rogers Memorial Park in Claremore, Oklahoma.

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53reunion4.jpg (45667 bytes)
The Group: Grandma McCaskey is
just to left of center in first row of
53reunion1.jpg (70209 bytes)
Here I can recognize Ona Harris, Dave
Carpenter, Percy Montgomery, Lizzie
McCaskey, Lela Prebble......
53reunion2.jpg (68382 bytes)
Paul Kennan in foreground 
with back to camera.
53reunion3.jpg (58804 bytes)
Grandma Martha McCaskey, 
foreground with back to camera, 
Paul Kenna wearing hat.
53reunion5.jpg (63989 bytes)
Wyatt Prebble, center, Paul Kennan,
right, others.....
53reunion6.jpg (55122 bytes)
Darrell Hanes, Omeda Freeman 
& David Carpenter
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