1953 McCaskey Reunion at Will Rogers park in Claremore, OK

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Back in 1953 the Will Rogers Park in Claremore, OK was the site for that year's McCaskey Reunion. In this picture I recognize several of the people, or at least I think I do. If anyone can help identify anyone, please let me know.

On the left in the checkered dress and looking directly at the camera is Aunt Lizzie. The lady on the left holding a purse and looking at the camera is Aunt Ona. Lela Prebble is sitting on the edge of the bench, just in front of Aunt Ona and looking away. Dave Carpenter is about center with his back to camera [wearing a hat]. To the right, the man wearing a hat and standing is Percy Montgomery. I think the dog on the left is a stray that was looking for a handout.

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