1953 McCaskey Reunion at Will Rogers Park in Claremore, OK

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Well, this is the group and the poorest picture of all. I took it so can't complain too much but I would like to go back and redo it. I'll do my best to identify some that I recognize.

In the first row of Kiddos, the only ones I'm pretty sure about is on the extreme right. Far right is Evelyn Montgomery, then Darrell Hanes next to her, and then David Carpenter next to Darrell. Just left of center front [adults] wearing what looks like an apron is Grandma McCaskey. About three people over to her left is Aunt Lizzie McCaskey.

The second person to Grandma's right , I think, is Aunt Ona Harris. Some distance behind Ona and to her right appears to be Uncle Will Harris. Far right wearing hat and holding a cup or glass, I think, is Paul Kennan. Immediately to his right might be Uncle Hobart McCaskey.

I'm just not sure about the others. I'll have to check with Betty [McCaskey] Garland to see if she has a better picture. I think she was taking pictures that day, also. If anyone can help identify more, please send me an e mail....Jim

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