1953 McCaskey Reunion at Will Rogers park in Claremore

1953 McCaskey Reunion at Will Rogers park in Claremore, OK
Thursday August 27, 1953


On the left, in the swing is Darrell Hanes, my nephew, and on the right, in the swing, is David Carpenter, my brother.  In the center is Omeda Freeman.  She was not a family member but a very good friend of mine.  She was from California, visiting relatives in the Claremore area, for the summer. I met her in the summer of '53.  We had some good times for about 3 months and then she had to return to California.  We said "Goodbye" the evening of this picture and I never saw her again. That was 55 years ago in 2008.  I still consider her a wonderful friend and I'd like to see her once more before I die but time is running out. . . Jim

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