Sageeyah Baptist Church Group

November 27, 1955

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I don't know all the names but I'll do what I can. If I'm wrong, it wont be the first time.

Back Row left to right; Mrs. Hopp, Mae Glover, Sadie Harvey, Laura Ann Carpenter, Lila Moree

Next Row left to right; Unknown Man holding hat, Fred Moree wearing hat, Flossie Holland [Maybe], Maggie Carpenter, The New Preacher holding bible, Nellie Glover, Norma Jean Glover, Emile Moree holding child, Unknown boy, Unknown woman

Front Row [three kids ], left to right; Linda Moree, David Carpenter on his 8th birthday, Jerry Lee Moree,

When this was taken, Laura and I had been married less than a year and I was in the Army stationed in Japan. Three months after this picture, she flew over to spend about 2 years there with me, then we came home. That was a real adventure.

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