McCaskey Reunion of 1975

July 22, 1975

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Reserved in case I find another 1975 reunion picture.

Many thanks to Vicky Chambers Lance for helping with identity of some.

The McCaskey Reunion of 1975 was held at Will Rogers Park in Claremore, Oklahoma on July 22, 1975. Myrna and Gene Bean from California were here for the reunion.

Picture # 1 - I can identify the following: Herman and Maggie Dennis; Buster Carpenter; Aunt Lizzie McCaskey; Betty McCaskey Chambers Stover and daughters; Percy Montgomery; Myrna Bean and Marjorie Montgomery. Vicky Chambers is in the purple shorts. The dark haired lady to Aunt Lizzie's right is Jane Dale. She and Aunt Lizzie ran around together as long as they were able to run. She was sister of Orie Phillips who was married to Arch Phillips, Aunt Lizzie's brother.

Picture # 2 - I see Laura Carpenter; Percy and Margie Montgomery; Buster Carpenter; Betty McCaskey Chambers Stover and daughter/daughters. Vicky Chambers is on the end of the bench. The dark haired lady on the left end of the right table is Jane Dale.

Picture # 3 - Front row: Betty McCaskey Chambers Stover; Laura Carpenter; Marjorie Montgomery; Myrna Bean; Gene Bean - Back row: Vicky and Darlene, Betty's daughters; Herman Dennis; Percy Montgomery; Maggie Dennis; Lizzie McCaskey. The acrobat in back is Buster Carpenter. We must have held this reunion rather late in the evening because it looks like its dark already.

If anyone can correct me on any names or information, be sure and contact me.

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