McCaskey Reunion of 1976

The McCaskey Reunion of 1976 was held at the Will Rogers Park in Claremore, Oklahoma. The Date was June 30, 1976.

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Picture # 4

Many thanks to Vicky Chambers Lance for helping with some of these names.

For the 1976 Reunion, Uncle Bowden McCaskey was here from California. I think he made the trip with only his grandson. I can name a few of the people in these pictures but need lots of help with naming the others.

In picture # 1 I recognize Uncle Bowden McCaskey; David Carpenter; Herman Dennis; Arlene Stover; and Uncle Bowden's grandson. [Name unknown at this time . . . was it Terry?] That's all I'm sure of.

In picture # 2 I see Uncle Bowden McCaskey, Herman Dennis, Maggie Dennis, and Aunt Lizzie McCaskey. Arlene Stover, white shorts; and Darlene Stover, dark pants are talking with Uncle Bowden and his grandson. The dark haired lady to the far right, seated, may be Jane Dale, running partner of Aunt Lizzie McCaskey.

In Picture # 3 I can name Virgil and Lucille Pendergraft, Laura Carpenter, Darrell Hanes and Herman and Maggie Dennis. I recognize Uncle Bowden's grandson but can't remember his name. Not sure, but looks like Jerry McCaskey behind Virgil and Lucille.

In Picture # 4 I can only be sure of Herman Dennis, in the yellow shirt, but I think I see Aunt Lizzie and Jim McCaskey. I think that's Darlene Stover walking to the right of the picture. Well, I tried.

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