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Front row of children: Grace Renfro; Reed Renfro; Haysler Renfro; Alva Renfro; Henry Renfro

2nd row of children: Charles Renfro (boy in hat); Edward Renfro

3rd row adults: Otis Bartholomew; Henry Clark Renfro; Minnie Green Renfro; Albert Curtis Renfro

4th row: Alva Renfro; Edna Boulware Bartholomew; Ethel; Virgie Burkley; Donna Armes; Mattie Carleton Renfro

5th row: George Weston Renfro; Ralph Shed; Fred Boulware; Jim Armes

This picture was taken around 1909 in Campfield, Colorado. Information from back of picture provided by Curtis Renfro, son of Henry Curtis Renfro. The picture had been found in the papers of Albert Curtis Renfro. This copy of the picture had been marked by George Weston Renfro, "All Renfros". George Renfro is in the last row, by himself with arms around two girls.