Harman Reunion of 2001

Descendants of Barbara Clendenin # 2

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Left to Right

Standing Christopher Clendenin, holding Sibrena Clendenin, Louis Moon,

Ronald Clendenin, Neil Clendenin, Kelly [Moon] Ross, Kimberly Moon, David Moon,

Betty (Watson) Clendenin, Sherree (Jones) Clendenin, Ardith (Koonce) Clendenin

Kneeling Thomas Clendenin

Seated Sarah Moon, holding Breanna Clendenin, Amanda Ross, William Moon,

Alice (Clendenin) Moon, Grace (Clendenin) Foehrweiser, Barbara (Harman) Clendenin,

Donald Clendenin

Seating on grass Cody Moon, Jesse Moon, Roger Foehrweiser, Ann (Reising) Foehrweiser, Linda Foehrweiser, Gery Foehrweiser, Melanie Foehrweiser, Carla Foehrweiser, Barbara (Chalfont) Foehrweiser

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