Looking Back
by Glenn W. Boaz
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Photos and descriptions on this and the following page were sent in by Glenn [Scip] Boaz, who was a sailor on the USS Esteem, a mine sweeper in the Central Pacific and Far East during 1957.  Read Glenn's autobiographical sketch Here.  Send Glenn an E mail: >[email protected]<


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Refugee Camp Near Hong Kong
Here is a photo with Sampans in the foreground and Junks in the background at Hong Kong.
Here is the ship I was on in Japan in 1957.
USS Esteem MSO 438


Here is a photo of yours truly sitting in the ship's office. I was put on the ship in charge of the ship's office before I even made petty officer. I'm sure someone messed up along the line. I worked for the executive officer and was in charge of all the office duties, including personnel records, for the 78 people aboard. I had one other person working for me. I was a Personnelman rather than Yoeman, normally the proper classification for this job. Glenn
Here is the fantail of the minesweeper. In case you don't know, the torpedo shaped objects are towed behind the ship and any mines that are cabled to the ocean floor and floating in the water, waiting for a ship to hit them and be blown up, will be cut loose from the cable. Then, the minesweepers only gun, a 40 caliber mounted gun, shoots the mine and blows it up. I was the captains "talker" and I passed his orders to the crew while minesweeping was going on. Glenn
Here is a photo taken in a town named Maizuru, Japan. It shows school children, apparently from an art class, painting scenes from the street. Glenn
A street view of Sasebo, Japan and two little girls playing.
Agricultural Scene, Sasebo, Japan, 1957
Residential Area, Sasebo, Japan, 1957.
View of Sasebo, Japan, 1957


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