The Sageeyah Verdigris River Bridge

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The old Verdigris river bridge at Sageeyah seemed to be a favorite hangout for old and young alike over the years. The bridge above and the waters below seemed to promote "Kodaking" in several generations. Now [2001] there is a new bridge being built alongside the old one and I suppose the old one will be removed when the new one is finished. I kinda hate to see it torn down because it has been a favorite landmark for many years, but I know a new one is needed. Like many of us, the old bridge is getting shaky and feeble and its time has come to be replaced.

Here are a few pictures, I have collected over the years, and some that have been donated. These were taken on, under, or somewhere around the old bridge. More to come as soon as I find some more or someone donates more.

Be sure to scroll to bottom of page for picture descriptions.

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[1] Before 1927 [2] 1927 [3] 1927 [4] 1942 [5] 1949
Reserved Reserved
[6] [7] [8] 1984 [9] 2001 [10] 2001
[11] 2001 [12] 2001 [13] 7/4/01
[14] 7/14/01
[15] 1/21/02
Picture Descriptions:

[1] Herman Dennis and Friend sometime before 1927
[2] Herman Dennis standing on rail of bridge in 1927
[3] Herman Dennis and car on bridge in 1927
[4] Alowese Whitener [in water] and Jeanie Phariss below the bridge in 1942. Photo donated by Richard Glover.
[5] Norma, Josephine, Nellie and Johnny Glover in 1949
[6, 7 and 13] Reserved in case someone sends more pictures or I find more.
[8] Bridge and river in 1984
[9] Bridge in 2001 before construction of new bridge began
[10, 11, 12] Bridge after construction started on the new bridge
[13, 14] Construction of new bridge still progressing.

[15] New bridge completed.

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