Mt. Zion Cemetery

T40, R25, S25 - Osage Township
991 SE 671 Rd, Henry Co, MO
280 known burials from 1859 to 1998
Landowner: Mt. Zion Cemetery Association

Directions: In the community of Mt. Zion at the junction of Hwys Z and JJ, on the north side of the road.

All pictures taken May 11, 1986

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The Mt. Zion Cemetery is located near the United Methodist Church in the Mt. Zion Community. [As of 1986]

This is Laura at the grave of her Granduncle, A. Charles Higdon. He had a brother, William, whom we have not been able to locate.

A. C. Higdon was born Oct. 23, 1862 at Leesville, MO. And died Sept. 5, 1891. He was a son of Asa Higdon and Emeline Minerva Randel.

A. Charles Higdon, lies close by the side of his mother and step-father, James Sands.

An overview of a portion of the cemetery and the Church sign.

Closeup of stone showing name and dates.

Lower portion of stone of A. C. Higdon showing his age as 28 years, 9 months, 12 days. The inscription reads:

Slowly fading, lingering, dying
Like the leaf, he passed away
Heeding not our tears of anguish
Heaven has claimed it's own today
And we weep


Emma M. b. Feb. 6, 1841, d. Apr. 4, 1911
James H. b. June 3, 1832, d. April 6, 1890......Psalms 23

Emma was Emeline Minerva Randel, daughter of David Randel of Leesville, MO.

. . . .and we weep

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