Jim's Favorite Old Photos

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These are the pictures that bring back fond memories to me - my youth, my family and my little corner of the world. My parents owned a farm and dairy and I worked hard on it, but I was rewarded for my efforts. They gave me ways to earn money to spend any way I wanted so I always had the little gadgets I wanted - including a car and money for gas and oil. My first car used more oil than gas. My family would have been considered "Poor" but I never felt poor. There was always money jingling in my jeans and more where that came from. So these are truly my favorite old photos taken during my favorite old days.

Will Rogers Birth Place about 1935 Bob Wills At Claremore Parade, 1941
Sageeyah House, 1942 Using Horses on the Farm ,1943 / 54
Dave and Jimmy building New House, 1943 Maggie and Jimmy and New Home, 1943
Jimmy's new Bike, 1946 Bulger, Jimmy and Dave Carpenter, 1946
Bob Hope at Claremore Parade, 1947 Jim and Friends, 1948
Our Air Conditioned Bedroom, 1947 Dave, Jimmy Carpenter,Darrell Hanes 1947
Laura Ann Higdon on Reservoir Hill in Tulsa, 1950 Laura Ann Higdon at Claremore Parade, 1950
Jim and Ole Blue, 1952 Just a farm scene, 1953
Claremore Street Scene, July 1953 The Old Watering Hole, 1953
Dave Carpenter's mower-1, 1953 Dave Carpenter's mower-2, 1953
Long Shadows on the Farm, 1953 The Cattle Herd, 1953
David riding his pony, 1953 Treetop-1, 1953
Treetop-2, 1953 Jim and Jim, Cousins, 1954
Jim and 48 Plymouth - Reservoir Hill, 1954 David and the 42 Chev., 1954
Maggie Carpenter & Kids, 1954 Jim and Laura, 1955
A Foggy Morn on the Farm, 1955 Maggie, Louella, Ona, 1957
Dave, Maggie & GrandKids, 1959 Jim & Laura Carpenter & baby, 1959
Louella, Maggie, Ona, 1959 Marjorie, David, Jim, 1959
Our Crabgrass band, 1969 Herman Dennis, my favorite stepfather

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