In Remembrance Of Edward Wesley Butler
Feb. 10, 1922--Sept. 19, 1997
Foster Father to 686 Children from 1963 to 1984

A Message for Grandpa

by Sarah Shaylene Butler-Marquez
Copyright © 1997

I remember when I got the news that you had taken ill,
Fear and sadness were the emotions that I began to feel.

I wish I were there for everyday while you were getting stronger,
But reality got in the way and made our distance longer.

And when you finally made it home, joy was in my heart.
How I hoped and wished and prayed that we would never part

We thought that you had cleared your hurdles, and the race you'd finally won,
But the dream was quickly shattered and our plans were left undone.

The day I knew that you were leaving was when you ask for prayer.
It was then you said you loved me and your secret you then shared.

Now not quite a year has passed since you said your good-byes,
And still when I start to think of you all I do is cry.

But there's one thing that makes me smile and helps me dry my eyes.
And its knowing to feel close to you all I have to do, is make your apple pies.

Written by Wes Butler's granddaughter, Sarah Shaylene Butler-Marquez in 1997.
[Wes was the apple pie maker in the family.]

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