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Martha Ellen Cobb



Martha Ellen Cobb was born in Nov. of 1869 in Seymour, Missouri. Her parents were Elias and Carrie Ellen Cobb. She had three brothers and one sister: Eli, Will, Joe and Evaline. Martha was married, first to John Cantrel and then to Charles William McCaskey, May 2, 1889. She kept very busy caring for her family. They had ten children, six girls and four boys: Alva, Violet, Ona, Della, Maudie (Died in infancy), Hobart, Louella, Charles, Bowden, and Maggie.

Mr. and Mrs McCaskey and the children moved from Ava, MO to Jenks, OK., then moved to Texas from Jenks for a short while, then moved back to OK. and settled in Dawson, now a part of Tulsa. Later they lived in the community of Verdigris, where they operated a small grocery store in the early 1920's. Mrs McCaskey was well known for caring for her friends, neighbors, and family when they were sick or needed help in any way. She loved working in her garden, raising vegetables and flowers. She also canned most of her own food, made butter, soap and a lot of home remedies.

Martha's husband William died of a heart attack in July of 1933. She raised one of her granddaughters, May Ellen. In her later years of life she made many friends, especially at her church, the Assembly of God. She died in October of 1957 at the age of 88 years.