Meet the Family

"God Bless All Our Children," by Wanda Bruner Butler, is a true story told as it happened and as she lived it. These are the people who lived it, with her, and helped make it all happen.

On the front row, left, is Little Doug, who, a few years after this photo, wired his closet with a speaker and a flash bulb that nearly gave Elvira cardiac arrest.

Seated beside him on the floor, right, is Alan, who hid a big, black, rubber spider in his bed, knowing Elvira would find it when she changed his sheets. Poor Elvira! It was his pig that nearly ate Charlene, the one legged chicken.

Back Row , Cutis on Wes's lap, stood up and turned when he should have ducked and was hit in the forehead with a stiffened paint brush, requiring some stitches. He was also one of the "Tree house" kids.

Second from left, Wes took the children into fairyland and cut a beautiful Christmas Tree, and he took the boys "night" fishing. He thought he was cornered by a rattlesnake the night he was helping catch a prowler and Little Doug sent morse code through the walkie-talkie. Wes was also the Apple pie maker of the family and the champion watermelon raiser.

Third from Left is Wanda Bruner Butler, who wrote this story, from notes and memory, from so long ago. She also left her ham sandwich laying around for Kitty to eat while she watched. She's the one who planted "dwarf" seeds in a watermelon raising contest.

Fourth from left is Sue, holding Carol. Sue remembered the big, beautiful snowflakes drifting downward in the mountain fairyland. She, also fooled everyone, at age 12, by earning enough to pay her half of a piano.

Carol, far right, complained that she had three brothers and no sister after Sue married. The day the pig got out she rescued her one legged chicken, Charlene, who had only half a beak, from being eaten by Alan's pig. ------editor

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