Old Family Photos, Higdon and Related Families

Mary Ann Bailey 1838-1860, Wife of James Denny

Jesse Bird Renfro

1868 Jesse Bird Higdon

1902 ? Silas and Effie Ashley, [brother and sister]

1888 Jesse & Laura Etta Denny Higdon Wedding Picture

Birdie, Nola and Flavie Higdon, 1896

Abt. 1900 Ina Sue Moon Fancher

1904 John and Mary White Briggs on Wedding Day

1906 Leesville school

1909 All Renfro

1909 Eldon and Anna Mae Polley Moon

1910 Jesse Bird Higdon at Leesville, MO

Abt. 1910 Joseph and Minnie Wehrman Moon

1912 Polley-Moon

1912 Tebo Church Group

1914 Viola Fern and Ruth Anna Moon

1921 Ruth Moon Fancher at age 12 in Tulsa, OK

1925 Street Scene--420 S. Nogales, Tulsa, OK

1925 Ruth Moon Fancher at age 16 in Tulsa, OK

1928 Ruth Moon Fancher at age 19 in Tulsa, OK

1928 Ruth Moon Fancher again at age 19 in Tulsa

1932 Nola and Ruth [Moon Fancher] Higdon, Laura's Parents

Abt. 1930 The Life of Rev. William and Laura Etta Briggs

1939, Charles Polley and Great Granddaughter, Laura Ann Higdon

Graves of James Denny, center, and his two wives-at New Tebo Cemetery

1940 Tebo Church Members at Centennial Celebration

1940 Tebo Church During the Centennial Sunday Service

1944 Laura Ann Higdon at age 7

Charles Polley Family near Eldora, Iowa--Year unknown

Abt. 1952 Ruth Moon Higdon at her Furniture Store in Tulsa, Oklahoma

1954 Old Tebo Baptist Church

1969, Old Tebo Church before the Flood

1970 Old Tebo Church before the Flood - Picture 1 - - Picture 2

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