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Old Family Photos, Carpenter / Harman / McCaskey / Bruner and Related Families

Always Under Construction

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Page 1 is Carpenter, Harman and kin
Page 2 is McCaskey, Cobb, Bruner and Kin

Many of the dates given are strictly a guess and some of the information might be wrong. If anyone can help, please do.

1880, Jan. 4 Wm. & Emeline Day [Harman] Brown on wedding day 1889 Amos Carpenter at age 19
1895 Job & Catherine Harman with daughter Lula Samuel L. Harman and Family
Abt 1895 James Anderson & Julia Marie [Carr] Carpenter Abt.1906-12 Two homes of Amos & Florence Carpenter at Hitchita, OK / Steelville, MO
1910 Bill Carpenter on horse at age 14 1910 Bill Carpenter on bike at age 14
1911 Fred and Nellie Carpenter at Hitchita OK 1911 Group Near Steelville, MO Photo #1
1911 Group Near Steelville, MO Photo # 2
1912 Harman, Carpenter and other Families near Steelville, MO 1912 Carpenter Children at Hitchita, OK
1912 Amos Carpenter Family
1912 Amos Carpenter & group
1912 Group Outside Gregory Home
1912 Amos Carpenter on Mule
Annie Laurie [Carpenter] Schatt Date unknown
1912 Amos Carpenter Family at home of Albert Gregory Family 1916 David Algie Carpenter, Sr.
1916 Fred and Jim Carpenter at Hitchita, OK Abt. 1918 School Bus at Hitchita, Oklahoma
1918 Carpenter, Harman, Gregory Group near Steelville, MO 1927 Prof James A Harman and his family band
Abt. 1925 Kate & Lois Sessions and Car Adelia Harman Scott, Date unknown
1927 Dave Carpenter- Maggie McCaskey and others
1928 Dave and Maggie Carpenter and baby
1932 Amos & Florence Carpenter and their Children
1932 Spouses of the Children of Amos & Florence Carpenter 1934 Fourteen kids at Verdigris
1939 50th Anniversary-Will & Julia Harman 1940 Amos Carpenter group by car
1940 [guess] James Peeler Brakebill 1940 Marjorie Carpenter on bike
1940 Dave Carpenter and Family 1941 Verdigris High School basketball team
1941 Aubrey, Dixie, Others - group 1941 Dixie & Group at Verdigris Sch.
1941 Crystal Carpenter 1943 [guess] Dixie Criswell
1948 Amos and Florence [Harman] Carpenter 1948 / 49 Fred & Nellie Carpenter
1948 Ila Carpenter Brakebill on Horse 1948 Peeler &Ila Brakebill on horse
1950 Florence, Peeler, Ila, Dixie by house 1950 Wadie & Peeler on porch
Abt. 1952 Four Carpenter Sisters 1953 Darrell, David, Wayne, Evelyn
1953 Special images from 1953 Jim's Favorite Old Photos
1953 [guess] Peeler & Bill Brakebill 1953 Brakebill group and more
1953 Peeler, Elzie, Ila at Jim's grave 1954 [guess] Ila &Peeler and his step father
1955 Alice & Elzie at J.J. Carpenters grave 1955 Fred Carpenter's new baby
1958 Brakebill group on back porch 1959 Margie, David, Jimmy Carpenter
Raymond Carpenter's gravestone Alice Carpenter's gravestone

McCaskey / Cobb / Bruner, Goss, Lee, Matney, Harris, and .......

Many of the dates given are strictly a guess and some of the information might be wrong. If anyone can help, please do.
Phoebe Ann Goss Lee - date unknown Reserved
Martha Ellen Cobb McCaskey   date unknown Martha Elizabeth Post Bruner   date unknown
Charles and Nancy Elizabeth McCaskey Martha Ellen Cobb McCaskey and brother
Martha Ellen [Cobb] McCaskey and Martha Elizabeth[ Post] unknown Martha Ellen Cobb McCaskey and unknown
Martha Ellen Cobb& Chas. Wm. McCaskey...Abt. 1930 Charles Wm. unknown
Jeremiah unknown
Ambrose Homer unknown
Jeremiah McCaskey, daughters & their unknown
Jim & Bessie Matney Family...abt. 1912 Will Harris as a baby..abt. 1891
1915 Charles & Martha McCaskey and James and Bessie Matney Familys 1917 William Samuel and Della [McCaskey] Bruner and Family
1925 Unidentified McCaskey Group abt. 1925 Charles Edward McCaskey
1925 Willie Blackwell & Bowden McCaskey Abt. 1925 Olean, Maggie and Friends
1927 Maggie McCaskey & Dave Carpenter Olean Harris Cook Various Years
1932 Bowden at Fairfax, OK 1933 Wanda, Olean & Bill
1940 Jimmy R. Myrna, Jimmy C. 1940 McCaskey Group
1940 Virgil & Lucille & baby 1943 Martha McCaskey and Sister, Meg
1948, Dec. 20 Myrna's family # 2 1948, Dec. 20 Myrna's family in California
1952 Louise, Delores, Bowden McCaskey 1953 Martha McCaskey and Family
1953 Special images from 1953 Reserved
1953 McCaskey Reunion 5 pictures 1957 Martha & Charles William Gravestone
1959 Louella, Maggie, Ona 1967 Myrna, Maggie & Herman in OK
1969 Herman and Maggie Dennis with group 1978 Olean & Earl Cook on 50th Anniversary
1974 Ona & Will Harris on 60th anniv. 1977 McCaskey House at Verdigris

2000 McCaskey Reunion
1953 McCaskey Reunion
1974 McCaskey Reunion

1975 McCaskey Reunion
1976 McCaskey Reunion

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