Jim C. Carpenter © 1993

I read an ad in the paper one day, in the Dallas Morning News,
All about my class reunion in a town near Santa Cruz.
I tried to decide if I should go to meet my friends and peers,
And see how classmates from the past had aged in all these years.

I finally resolved that I should go and see what I could see,
And meet my friends from the senior class of nineteen fifty-three.
I rented a tux and a black toupee, then brushed my shoes and hair.
I trimmed my mustache and my beard and changed my underwear.

I emptied the bottle of after shave and rented a limousine.
I brushed my teeth with Ultra-Bright, then gargled some listerine.
I soon arrived in splendid form with a flower on my chest,
Sporting a rented diamond ring and smelling my very best.

Now I was dressed in the finest garb, like a monarch at a feast,
When I discovered that no one there seemed familiar in the least.
Well not a soul remembered me and my heart dropped to the floor,
When I remembered that I was in the class of fifty-four.


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