(Too ugly to die)

by Jim C. Carpenter
Copyright 1995

She's an old woman, I'm an old man
As any fool can see.
Once we were happy, healthy and young
And our hearts were strong and free.
But now we're wrinkled, wretched and old
And ugly as can be.

But still she lingers by my side,
Though life has worn her thin.
And the freckled nose that looked so cute
Now rests upon her chin.
And the golden locks that turned my head
Now turns it back again.

But together down life's path we stroll
And together shall we stay.
With a face as wrinkled as a prune,
I'm as bald as she is gray.
And just to look you wouldn't think
We could live another day.

But every night when we lie down
Death's angel stands aghast.
At such a hideous, homely pair,
And ugliness so vast.
And we awake as every day
When morning comes at last.


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