by Jim C. Carpenter
Copyright ©1993

Hello again dear friend of mine, come visit for a spell.
We'll reminisce about the past and friends we loved so well.
Time has treated them all so kind, at least it so appears,
I'll swear they haven't aged a day in more than sixty years.

Oh, yes, I heard that story too, that Tom had passed away,
But I saw him shortly after that, I think that very day.
Of course I told him what they said, but he didn't blink an eye.
He only smiled in disbelief at the way some people lie.

Why, they even told me Sammy Joe had died in Vietnam.
But you know there's no war on earth could kill a guy like Sam.
I told him when I saw him last, just what they said, and how.
I'm sure it took him by surprise, but he never raised a brow.

How strange you mention little Kate; I'll tell you what I heard.
That she died quietly in her sleep, but don't believe a word.
For I saw Katie just today with sparkles in her eyes,
And if she was dead, I'll tell you friend, she's a master of disguise.

And you dear friend, you'll laugh at this, but earlier in the day,
A lady told me it was true that you had passed away.
Well I just made a joke and said, "he's far too mean to die."
And the fact we're talking here today just proves how rumors fly.

Oh, I'm sorry you must go, dear friend, no, I'll not think you rude.
But the truth is, they'll be coming soon, to bring my tray of food.
So let me help you once again; I'll find your page and place.
And to my album of timeless friends, return your smiling face.


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