He's Only Departed From Life's Little Room

Composed by Carleton Briggs for his grandfather, William H. Briggs, and read by the author at William's funeral in 1939.

He's only departed from life's little room,
Out through the doorway that's known as the tomb;
Out of earth's sorrow and turmoil and strife,
Into God's love and a heavenly life.

Then why should we sorrow and offer our tears,
When after the fullness of bountiful years,
He moves to his storehouses where treasures await,
And closes behind him the latch on the gate!

For earth is so narrow, and heaven so wide,
And countless the joys on that "bright other side;"
So why should we selfishly want him to stay?
He's happy and peaceful and not far away.

For after the labor, a haven of rest,
And after the struggle, sweet peace to the breast;
After the trusting a blissful repose,
'Tis but the beginning, say not 'tis the close!

For by the same God are our spirits all led,
Both we of the living, and they of the dead;
Both now and forever God's love is in store,
For those who are waiting, and those past the door.

Then why should we sorrow to hold him on earth,
When God took his measure and valued his worth,
And called him to glory from out of the gloom,
Through life's final doorway that's known as the tomb!

August 11, 1939

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