McCaskey Reunion 2000

The McCaskey 2000 Reunion was held August 19, 2000 at Claremore Lake, Claremore, Oklahoma.
Below is a list of those present as taken from the sign-in book.
Below that are some pictures taken at the reunion 2000.
Below the pictures is a link to see more reunion 2000 pictures.
And finally a link to take you to see some McCaskey reunion pictures from 1953

I'm sure I have several errors or omissions on the list below, so if anyone ever looks at the list and finds something I need to change, I would like to hear from you with the correct info. Also, lots of info is missing and I would like to add that if anyone can fill me in.

The person traveling from the furthest distance was Wanda Butler from Porterville, California. Second seems to be Jerri / Jerry and Ray Collier and daughter, from Longview, Texas.

Friends of the family who attended were Helen Rodriguez and her sister Barbara and Brother-in-law, Joe Habacker, also from Porterville California. Helen took a lot of good pictures of the reunion, some of which I have used below. I think we should grant Helen the honorable title of "Family Friend" with all the rights and privileges associated with such a title.



Booth, Tamera
Burgess, Bridget
Burgess, Paige
Burgess, Hannah
Butler, Wanda , Della's daughter
Butler, Bettilu , Hobarts daughter

Carpenter, David , Maggie's Son
Carpenter, Brenda , David's wife
Carpenter, Kaylee , Maggie's g granddaughter
Carpenter, Jim , Maggie's Son
Carpenter, Laura , Jim's wife
Collier, Jerry , Ray Harris's daughter
Collier, Ray, Jr. , Jerry's husband
Cooper, Jean , Wife of Randy
Cooper Randy , Hobarts grandson
Cooper Michael , Hobarts great grandson
Cooper Grant , Hobarts great grandson
Cooper, Jimmie , Hobarts granddaughter
Garland, Betty , Charles's daughter
Garland, Lavar , Betty's husband

Habecker, Barbara & Joe , Friends of Wanda Butler & Jim & Laura Carpenter
Hanes, Darrell , Maggie's Grandson
Hanes, Carolyn , Darrell's wife
Hanes, Jeff , Maggie's great grandson
Hanes, Adrienne , Jeff's wife
Hanes, Ivy , Maggie's g g granddaughter
Jenkins, Loyle
Jenkins, Barbara
Johnson, Dustin , Maggie's g grandson
Kilpatrick, Shelley , Maggie's great granddaughter
Kilpatrick, Braden , Maggie's g g grandson
Kilpatrick, Bryson , Maggie's g g grandson
Lawhorn, Earlene, Charles's grand daughter
Lawhorn, Mark , Earlene's Husband
Lawhorn, Brandon , Charles's great grandson
Lawhorn, Jeannie , Charles's great granddaughter
Ledford, Nelda , Hobart's daughter
Ledford, Shelly
Ledford, Gary, Nelda's Son
Litterell, Sonya
Litterell, Jake
Litterell, Emily
Maloney, Donna Kay , Louella's granddaughter
Maloney, Bennie , Donna Kay's husband
Mapes, Loretta
Mapes, Larry
McCaskey, Harold , Hobart's son
McCaskey, Brad
McCaskey, Jim , Charles's Son
McCaskey, Mary , Jim's Wife
McCaskey, Gene , Charles's Son
McCaskey, Margaret
McCaskey, Jean Marie
McCaskey, Paige
Miller, Jake Husband of Ina's daughter, Malley
Nickell, Jerry Lee , Stacy's Husband
Stacy Lynn , Hobart's great granddaughter
Mariah Nicole , Hobart's g g granddaughter
Morgan Elizabeth , Hobarts g g granddaughter
Montgomery, Marjorie Maggie's daughter
Montgomery, Percy Marjorie's husband

Montgomery, Dwaine , Maggie's grandson
Montgomery, Jennifer, Dwayne's wife
Montgomery, Rachael , Maggie's g granddaughter
Montgomery, Patrick , Maggie's g grandson
Pendergraft, Doyle , Louella's grandson
Pendergraft, Lois , Doyle's wife
Rodriguez, Helen , Official "Family Friend"
Stover, Darlene , Charles's granddaughter
Vannoy, Sue , Charles's daughter
Vannoy, Robert , Sue's husband
Vannoy, Falon , Charles's g g granddaughter
Williams, Juanita , Della's greatgranddaughter

McCaskey Reunion 2000 Pictures -- More Later
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And here is the most important picture of all
"How Sweet it Was"

Now, for those who know their McCaskey genealogy, there are many more reunion pictures located on another page but these pictures are so ---- that you must be a family member to see them and you have to pass a genealogy test to access them. Choose, from the list below the maiden name of grandma McCaskey - her last name before any marriages.
Cantrell Bruner Matney Cobb Harris

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