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The first Harman reunion was held at the church of the Brethren which is located about one mile east of Harman, WV, on Saturday, August 27, 1927, with an attendance of about one hundred and fifty, representing several of the eastern states.

As this was the first meeting of the Harmans held in this part of the country, no special program had been arranged and the day was spent in a rather informal manner, under the direction of Hon. J. W. Harman of Parsons, WV, who acted as leader and gave to the Harman clan much information concerning the early ancestors of the Harman family, as to their descent, early settlements and accomplishments of deeds of heroism in the early wars.

Hon. J. W. Harman has been for sometime giving his special attention to the historical records of the Harmans.

Much is due him for the perseverance and enthusiasm he has shown in this work. It is he probably more than any other individual who is and has been responsible for this movement of organizing the Harman Family Association.

Many of those present gave brief addresses. Among those who took part were Lillian Harman O'Brien of Chicago, Ill.; Laura Williamson, Pittsburgh, Pa.; Mrs. Fred Maphis, Strasburg, Va.; Charles Hedrick, Macksville, WV; Ida Grace Harman, Macksville, WV; James A. Harman, Harman, WV.

Much interest was added to the program when Professor James A. Harman of Harrisonburg, VA led his orchestra, which was made up of his own family, in a number of special selections. Professor Harman is founder of the Harman School of Music, located at Harrisonburg, VA, which offers a full line of courses in the study of the rudiments and appreciation of music, including instrumental and voice culture. He has taught music for fifteen years in Harrisonburg, VA besides seven years as music instructor on the faculty of Shenandoah College, Dayton, VA, and a number of years of service in teaching music at Bridgewater College, Bridgewater, VA. His school promises to be a wonderful success.

In the musical part of the program, Simon P. Harman and family of Harman, WV, rendered a number of male and mixed quartet selections which were very greatly enjoyed.

One special feature of the day was the exceptionally fine basket dinner which was served at the noon hour in the sugar grove which surrounds the church building.

The afternoon program was somewhat handicapped by the absence of Pinchney J. Harman, President of Strayer Business College, Washington, D.C. and Hon. Charles Ritchie of Charleston, WV, who expected to be present but who were unavoidably absent. Many others had expected to attend but owing to the weather conditions it seemed impossible. It was a great disappointment when the aged pioneer, Jacob Harman of Macksville, WV could not be present.

Near the end of the meeting the organization of the Harman Family Association was perfected, and a Constitution and By-Laws were adopted.

The following officers were elected to serve for the term of one year: President, Hon. J. W. Harman, Parsons, WV; vice-president, Ida Grace Harman, Macksville, WV; Secretary and Treasurer, Ellsworth S. Harman, Harman, WV. The committee elected for arranging programs and places of meeting was made up of John A. Harman, Riverton, WV; Lester Harman of Kingmont, WV, and Simon P. Harman, Harman, WV.

Plans are being made for annual meetings of this association and a much larger attendance is expected next year. Programs with announcement of place of meeting will be circulated in due time and it is insisted that all Harmans and their connections make special plans to attend.

Ellsworth S. Harman, Secretary.

The above is a copy of the secretary's report of the Harman reunion as furnished to the several papers immediately following the reunion and which was published in the Elkins Inter-Mountain, Pendleton Times, Grant County Press, Parsons Advocate and Tucker Democrat.