Sageeyah School, 1945 / 46 -- Mrs. Imes, Teacher

Mrs. Imes, as well as other teachers back then, gave marks on the report card for "Citizenship"-- and she taught the old, "time tested" values, by example. We need more of her kind, today.

Left to Right

Front Row: Mrs Imes, Katherine York, Darlene Phillips, Unknown girl, Wayne Corley, Jimmy Carpenter, A. C. Newman, Unknown boy [Maybe A.C. Newman's brother?]

Second Row: Connie York, Josephine glover, Unknown girl, Andrew Raincrow, Merle Vest

All the rest left to right, since its hard to tell which is the third or fourth row:

Bob Hanes, Betty Kay Corley, Norma Jean Glover, Charles Edward Hanes-Madison, Jessie Louise Denoyer, Perry Dayton, Jimmy Summers, Unknown boy, [Maybe Frank Harrison?]

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