Sageeyah School, 1947 /48 -- Mrs. Jankey, Teacher

Sageeyah School, 1947 /48 -- Mrs. Jankey, Teacher

Ruby Jankey was one of the best teachers I have known, even though I felt the sting of her hickory stick a few times. . . . well it wasn't exactly a hickory stick, it was a switch off a tree that grew on the school grounds. To make it even worse, we had to cut our own switch, then she would inspect it to be sure it was big enough and strong enough for the job. That tree lost most of it's switch-size branches during the school year but it grew them back during the summer vacation. That was the original reason for summer vacations, you know.  Pictured below is the "Big Room"

Left to Right

Front Row: Phillip Hanes, Voris [Buck] Vest, Johnnie Glover, Owen Campbell, James Harrison, Bob Higdon, Forest Hanes

Second Row: Jimmy Carpenter, T. J. Vest, Billy Lutz, Andrew Raincrow, Bobby Phillips, Ronnie Fisher, Floyd Hanes

Third Row: Mrs. Ruby Jankey, Katherine York, Darlene Phillips, Josephine Glover, Wayne Corley, George Green

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