Leesville School

This is the school in Leesville, Missouri, Henry County, as it was in 1906. Laura's father, Nola A. Higdon and siblings are pictured here. The sign reads, "Leesville School" and, what appears as, "Mr. Sloan, Teacher." See below for more details.

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These are the Higdon Children located in the 2ndrow just to your right of the two girls holding the sign.
Left to Right:
Jessie Flavie, 1891 - 1907 - Buried at Oak Lawn Cemetery, Tulsa, OK
Pearl Clayton, 1900 -1928 - Buried at Oak Lawn Cemetery, Tulsa, OK
Birdie Lenore, 1894 - 1972 - Buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery, Covina Hills, CA
Nola Asa, 1895 - 1974 - Buried at Floral Haven Cemetery, Tulsa, OK
(Nola Asa is Laura Higdon's Father)
Lela Dee, 1897 - 1978 - Buried at Memorial Park Cemetery, Tulsa, OK

Two Higdon boys that were too young to be in this picture:

Wilber Jewel, 1902 - Unknown

Theodore Paul, 1912 - 1998 - Buried at Rose Hill Memorial Park, Tulsa, OK
(Born after the family had moved from Missouri to Arkansas)

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