Tebo Baptist Church and Cemetery
Leesville, Missouri, Henry County

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This is the new Tebo Church and Cemetery located about a mile north of Leesville, Mo. In the foreground is the small stone of James T. Denny [blue flower]. On the right is the stone of his first wife, Caroline Briggs [married July 26, 1840] and on the left his second wife, Mary Ann Bailey [married May 11, 1859]. He had a total of 16 children.

James Died in 1873

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Below is a before and after view of the stone of Mary Ann Bailey, wife of James Denny. When we photograph tomb stones, we use chalk to make everything stand out for the picture. On the left is how it looked before and on the right is how it looked after chalking. The first rain washes it all off and it's back to it's old appearance again. Note that they didn't even bother to put her name on the stone. We know who it is because of the dates and whose wife it was. It was Laura's great grandmother, Mary Ann Bailey Denny. When she married James, she was barely older than some of his children. [Sorry, no larger view.]

This is Laura standing by the grave of her great grandmother, Mary Ann Bailey Denny, at New Tebo Cemetery, Leesville, MO., in 1986.

This is Laura placing flowers on the grave of her great grandfather, James T. Denny at New Tebo Cemetery, Leesville, MO., in 1986.

This is Mary Ann Bailey taken in 1860, not long after her marriage to James Denny. James already had 10 children with his first wife, Carolyn Briggs and then had six more with Mary Ann.

Mary Ann had been married twice before her marriage to James Denny, first to a man named Reynolds in 1855. He died in 1858 and she married a man named Sullivan, probably the same year. Six months after she married Sullivan, he was killed in a sawmill accident, where he worked. Then on May 11, 1859, she married James Denny.

I suppose her legal name was actually Mary Ann Sullivan at the time she married James Denny.

She was born July 12, 1838 in another country [probably England] and came to America at age five, with her mother and two siblings. A brother, age three, fell overboard and his body was never recovered, on the trip to America.

She died May 12, 1889 and was buried at the old Tebo Church Cemetery, near Leesville, Missouri. Her grave was later moved to the new Tebo Cemetery, where it remains.

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