Burch Family Pictures


Burch Family Pictures
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Adams, Jimmy "Oscar Burch adopted son"

Allison, Ernest & wife Bertha "Burch"

Allman, William Harley Jr. "Bill"

Allman, William Harley Sr. & wife Doris "Burch"

Anderson, Bethany "Sears"

Bradley, Lamar & wife Donna Glee "Burch"

Buffington, Carl Jennings 1st husband of Sterling Burch

Buffington, Dennis Wayne & wife Mary, Erika & Tommy

Buffington, Hiriam & wife Carol & Michael

Burch, Alton Clarence & Crystal

Burch, Andrew Grady "Andy" & wife Samantha

Burch, Betty Jean

Burch, Bobby Roscoe & 2nd wife Dorothy

Burch, Brandon Wright

Burch, Carroll M. "Jiggs"

Burch, Charles Adolphus & wife Fannie

Burch, Corry Dennis

Burch, Dennis "Butch" & wife Debbie

Burch, Dennis Ray "Dink" & wife Jeanette

Burch, Dennis Raymond & 1st wife Gertrude

Burch, Dennis Raymond's 2nd wife Leila

Burch, Dennis Raymond's 3rd wife Mattie Lou

Burch, Dennis Raymond & 4th wife SV

Burch, George Max Ford

Burch, George Monroe & wife Nellie

Burch, George William & wife Sarah

Burch, Jack & wife Bonnie and James Lee

Burch, James Franklin Jr. & wife Doris

Burch, James Franklin Sr. & wife Ollie

Burch, James Hugh "Jim"

Burch, Rev. John Burke Sr. "J B" & wife Shirley

Burch, John Burke Jr. "Johnny" with family

Burch, Joseph Monroe "Joe" & wife Allie C.

Burch, Judson Monroe

Burch, Justin Spivey

Burch, Kaitlyn Grace

Burch, Katie

Burch, Larry Edward & wife Judy

Burch, Larry Raymond and wife Ursula

Burch, Marion Adolphus & wife Mary Lula

Burch, Marion Franklin

Burch, Mary Louise

Burch, Neal Franklin with family

Burch, Oscar & wife Doris

Burch. Owen

Burch, Penn M. & wife Helen

Burch, Ralph Edward & wife Georgia

Burch, Raymond Loveless with family

Burch, Raymond Loveless and wife Grace Annie Andrews

Burch, Robert Adolphus Sr. "Billy or Red" with family

Burch, Robert Adolphus Jr. "Billy" with family

Burch, Ronnie Earl with wife Linda Sue Bevis and son Destry Raymond

Burch, Ronnie Marvin & wife Elfriede

Burch, Steve Russell & wife Nancy, Ayla and Dylan

Burch, Steven Roscoe with family

Burch, Thomas Greene & wife Susan

Burch, William Andrew & 1st wife Cora Lee

Burch, William Andrew & 2nd wife Jeanette

Burch, William Edward & wife Elsie

Burch, William Henry "Will" & wife Frances

Burch, William Herbert & wife Mary

Burch, William Oscar " W O" & wife Clara

Burch, William Thomas with family

Burns, James Frank Jr. with wife Ruby Nell "Burch" and family

Burns, Jerry Franklin

Burns, Sabrina "Smith" & Taylor

Cagle, Andrew Wade

Cagle, Kathy Anna "Coody" 

Cagle, Lindsey

Cagle, Thomas Wayne & wife Cathy

Calalay, Kaylon Hope

Calalay, Charity Noelle

Calalay, Teresa "Norwood"

Chase, Robert Calvin & wife Frances "Burch" with family

Chatham. David & wife Amanda "Coody"

Cheek, Darell with wife Tammy "Sears" & son Braydon

Coates, Kasey

Coody, Jennifer Lynn

Coody, Jack Scott with family

Coody. James Robert "Bob"  & 1st wife Deloris

Coody, James Robert "Bob" & 2nd wife Rhonda

Coody, Kelly Renee

Coody, Michael James

Coody, Newton Fincher Jr. & wife Rachel "Norwood"

Coody, Robert Anthony "Tony" & 1st wife Kimberly with Danielle

Coody, Robert Anthony "Tony" & 2nd wife Donna with family

Coody, Samuel Scott

Coody, Simon Scott

Coody, Vickie Lynn with Rachel & Desteny

Cook, Acel & wife Bettye "Burch"

Cook, Bettye "Burch" & daughter Kimberly

Coristin, Lawrence Thomas & wife Connie "Hanson"

Coristin, Melissa

Coster, Joseph & wife Ginger


Crawford, William Michael "Mickey" & wife Linda "Burch"

Cruse, Michael Mike" & wife Lorri "Norwood"

Cummins, Jerry with wife Janice "Hanson" & family

Davis, Andrew Brett

Davis, Bryan Todd & wife Audrey with family

Denmon, Raymond & wife Maudene "Buffington"  and family

Durrence, Barney McCoy Jr.  & wife Sarah "Burch"

Durrence, Barney McCoy III 

Edmondson, Arthur Joel Sr. & wife Mildred "Burch"

Edmondson, Arthur Joel Jr. & wife Jewel

Edmondson, Don & family

Edmondson, John & wife Barbara & Matthew Joel

Edwards, Richard wife Alicia "Hollis" & family

Eldridge, Garry with wife Sheila "Burch" & family

Farrow, Todd & wife Lori "Burch"

Futato, Heidi "Edmondsom"

Gibbs, Warren David "W D" & wife Jimmie Lou "Norwood"

Givens, Ashley with Roseann "Burch" and son William

Haddock, Chandler

Haddock, Megan

Haddock, Ron & Heather Henry

Hanson, Dennis Michael "Red" with wife Shawna & family

Hanson, Frank Milton & wife Etheleen "Burch"

Hargrove, Chadwich & wife Caroline "Davis"

Henry, Barry Wade with wife Inett and family

Henry, Barry Wade with wife Rheba and family

Henry, Christa

Henry, Clarence Hudson with wife Margaret "Norwood" and family

Henry, Jean "Massey & daughter Heather

Henry, Logan Hudson

Hightower, Eugene with wife Betsy and family

Hunt, B. J.

Hunt, Chase

Hunt, Dakota

Hunt, Dale with wife Teresa Hope "Burch" and son B J

Jackson, Benjamin Dean

Jackson, Michael & wife Rene' Norwood "Coker" 

Jones, Eric

Jones, Tim & wife Beth "Allman"

Keipper, Scott & wife Jennifer "Burch"

Lawrence, William D. III & wife Lisa Gail "Burch"

Madden, Claude & wife Betty "Burch"

Maloy, Horace & wife Jessie "Burch"


McClurd, Jimmy & wife Marcelle "Burch"

McCurchen, Brian & wife Carrie & family

McMichael, Darren & wife Kimberly "Cook" and family

Messier, Marvin & wife Sandra Lou "Burch" 

Middleton, Hugh & wife Ruby Nell "Burch"

Moon, Richard & wife Stephanie "Burch" and family

Norwood, Austin, Blake & Brent

Norwood, Gene with wife Elaine and boys

Norwood, Gene with wife Vickie & Lorri

Norwood, Jack with wife Ann

Norwood, Jack with wife Linda

Norwood, Jack with kids

Norwood, Joe with wife Bobbie

Norwood, Joe with wife Joyce

Norwood, Joe with wife June

Norwood, Joe with wife Cindy

Norwood, Joe with kids

Norwood, John Virgil with wife Gordie Mar "Burch" and family

Norwood, John Virgil and Gordie Mae about 1947-8.

Norwood, John Virgil and Gordie Mae on there 50th Wedding Anniversary.

Norwood, Gordie Mae "Burch" taken in the middle to late 30's.

Norwood, Gordie Mae "Burch" with 4 generation.

Norwood, Randy

Odom, Bobby with wife Mary Ellen "Burch" and children Anson, Hunter and Cole

Peters, Terry & wife Nan "Wheeler" with boys

Raines, Edmond Davis with wife Evelyn "Burch" and family

Ralph, Alan with wife Tullye Anne "Burch" and daughter Dawn

Randall, Allen with wife Valarie "Durrence" and family

Reagin, Jack & wife Louanne "Norwood"

Robertson, Homer & wife Pamela "Henry"

Sears, Brittany

Sears, Clifton Tyler

Sears, Ronald "Ronny" & wife Becky "Henry" with family

Simons, Justin

Simpson, M. L. with wife Sara Lois "Burch" and girls

Smith, Clifton Ford & wife Judy

Smith, David with wife Phyllis "Durrence" & kids

Smith, Luther "Luke" & wife Willie Kate "Burch"

Stanfield, Joseph "Joey" with wife Velvet "Durrence" & family

Stanley, David & wife Vickie "Burch"

Strickland, Ronnie with wife Carleen "Buffington" and family

Strickland, Tommy and kids

Suber, Robert "Bob" with wife Kay "Hanson" and boys

Summer, Tim with wife Becky "Denmon" & kids

Sutton, Bill with wife Penni "Edmondson" & kids

Swain, Dana with wife Dawn "Norton" and kids

Sykes, James & wife Brandy "Burch" with family

Thomas, Julian with wife Libba "Durrence" and son

Traylor, Drew with wife Lisa & son

Traylor, Jerry with wife Pat "Allman"

Traylor, Tim with wife Kim & family

Turner, Don with wife Carol "Burch"

Wallace, Barbara "Burns"

Weathers, David with wife Amanda "Stanley"

Weedon, Emily

Weedon, Wayne with wife Dee "Gibbs"

Weedon, Katelyn

Wells, Stacy & wife Melodie & Chloe

Wheeler, Jack with wife Nancy

Wheeler, Jack with wife Blanche

Wheeler, Jack's wife Leona

Wheeler, James "Bob" with wife Jeannie

Wheeler, Otha with wife Inez "Burch"

Wheeler, Todd with wife Kim "Stanley"

Whitfield, Henry & wife Lois "Burch"

Whitfield, Sandra

Williams, Benny & wife  Kellye "Davis" and family

Williams, Patrick with wife Dawn "Norton" & family

Woodring, Randall with wife Patti "Burch" & girls

Woodruff, John with wife Sterling "Burch" Buffington