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I am researching all lines concerning the surname of Burgess and its derivative spellings. The purpose is to establish a comprehensive database of Burgess genealogy research.

Spelling variations include: - Burgess, - Burgeis, - Burghersh, - Burges, - Burgesse, - Brydges, - Brugge, - Burgge, - Burgus. - Bourges - Bridges

I believe that I have found the England origins and ancestors of Col. William Burgess (b1622) while doing some medieval research on another line in some of the Herald's Visitations of 1623 in Gloucester, where I found the only reference to a William Burges during that time period. Given the intentional feudal structure of the Province of Maryland, as originally chartered by the Lord (Calvert) Baltimore, only the gentry (descendents of the British nobility) could have been qualified and given leading roles in colonial Maryland. That being the case, then the family of Col William Burgess (b1622) would be listed in the Herald's Visitation of that time. In 1623, the only William Burges of the current generation was to be found in Gloucester, and he would have been approx a year old at that time. The resulting line developed from there extended back into the late 1200's.

On the tombstone of Col William Burgess, the blazon of

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